Wednesday, April 1, 2009

molly ruth has arrived

Molly Ruth Hampton

7 pds . 13ozs. 20 inches

Monday morning started just a little earlier than normal in the Moncrief household. With a call at 5:36am stating her water had broke, Jessica and Michael let us know that they were taking us up on our offer to keep Reed until a family was available (or indefinitely...we like the kid, after all). 6:20 arrived and so did Reed. He was rocked back to sleep and sleep he did until 10:22am. He was hovered over constantly ensuring that this usually early riser was still in fact alive. In the meantime, Granna called at 9:13am to say Reed's little sister, Molly Ruth Hampton had made her grand appearance at 8:42am. Molly Ruth more than made up for the false alarm she gave Jessica and Michael just one week prior. Once Molly decided to say hello, she did it fast. We know you are a sweet girl already! You were good to your mommy :)

After Reed decided he was rested up to see his little sis he had a breakfast for big brothers consisting of banana, strawberrry oatmeal and a side of o's. He did a little pre-Molly practice with Ada as his little sister at the breakfast table, in the car and a little morning play. Poor Reed was immersed in girly colors from the first hour of Molly's arrival. A purple sippy cup for breakfast, a pink floral car seat, a pink sippy cup in the car and socks. In the hustle and bustle he accidentally left his shoes and socks at home. Picking up Amy and Anna Kate, Reed was sent to the hospital to meet his little sister.

Reed is such a trooper and is going to be the BEST big bro. . .

Check out this slideshow of Molly's first day, largely through the eyes of her big brother. You will have to click there to meet Molly if you have not already :)

We love you Molly girl and can't wait to watch you grow up!

-Sidenote- Hope to be back on here more often. Need to update on what Ada has been up to since she turned one. Be back soon (fingers crossed)!