Wednesday, September 24, 2008

seven whole months

Our little cutie completed seven months of life this month. She is crawling everywhere and now has octopus arms as my sister, Jennifer, so accurately describes them. I love the way she explores and wants to reach new ends of the world (read: house). Along with this she has figured out how to open the DVD cabinet and pull out all of its contents. The first time, I sat there and let her without any interference, the entire time wondering where my baby had gone. She is not one any longer. Babies don't stand up and move around and pull things out of cabinets. I know I am probably sounding very sentimental right now,but I am really just floored how quickly time passes. Nonetheless she gets more and more fun with each passing day and I am loving every moment of it.
Ada said her first "word" the day of Jimmy's Ironman. "Dadada" comes from her mouth quite frequently, but how appropriate to begin this bit of conversation the day of her dada's race.

Here she is with her first teething biscuit. We keep thinking she is getting teeth, but none have surfaced yet. Either way she still enjoys the teething biscuits.
Showing off her toothless grin and her five three inch hairs. She is beautiful with or without. Lastly, yesterday morning at 5am Ada started crying. Unlike her to wake at this hour and unable to see her on the monitor I went to check on her. She had pulled up for the first time, freaked herself out by her new ability and could not figure out how to sit back down (She had a similar reaction the first time she sat up in her crib in the middle of the night). I first thought it was a fluke, but then yesterday in our office, she did it again.

She may be bald and she may be toothless, but she is on the move!

***update: I started this post yesterday and then while at Stonecup for lunch I felt Ada's first tooth***

***update: Sept 26th-Another tooth discovered***

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

the wild week before the beach

The Saturday evening of Anna Kate's 1st birthday party was a third b'day party for Jenna. These two birthdays set standards high. At Jenna's birthday it was all things prince and princess. Each kid made a personalized crown and Cinderella herself made an appearance.

Miss "Lashes" Jenna (the birthday girl)The rest of the pictures are of the other kids from small group and one big kid.
Allison with her petite princess crown.
Abby (mommy pictured above)
My Love
J and J with Tucker and Ada
Happy 3rd Birthday Jenna girl. We had a fabulous time at your princess filled party!

Next up was a short road trip to Nashvegas to see Brent and Becca. Brent has embarked on a new venture consisting of stand up comedy. He has been taking a class in stand up while in Nashville and we came up for the finale. We already knew Brent's ability to be funny, but it was awesome to see him up on stage and in action. Supposedly speaking in public trumps death when in comes to peoples fears. I would be even more fearful of having to make people laugh up on stage, but Brent did awesome and had us in tears of laughter.

The headliner for the night was Tommy Johnagin. He was H-I-L-A-R-I-O-U-S. We even walked away with one of his CDs. We appreciated his, like Brent, no cussing policy.

After the show we headed to the much talked about Melting Pot with B&B, Casey and Brad. It was incredibly delicious. As a chocolate fean I was in love. We are supposedly getting one here in Chattanooga. So excited.

The night in Nashville led to Ada's first sleep over with Uncle Mark, Aunt Jennifer, Preston and Peyton Carli. Ada went to church with them and stayed in Aunt Jennifer's class while she taught the middle school youth. That night Ada slept in Peyton Carli's room and did not want to go to sleep because she instead wanted to sit up and look around at all the pretty pink hello kitty decor in Peyton's room. We arrived back at 2am, woke her up and took her back home to snuggle in her own bed.

Friday morning was our first walk with the UTC babes. We went to this great park that Melissa recommended over in Collegedale. Pictures is Nolan, Emma and Ada. Owen just arrived a week ago (yippee!)so he will be joining the crew soon!

Saturday was wild and crazy. Starting with a photo session you can see here and then off to Reed's new house to check it out and see if we could help out a little bit. Your house is incredible. You guys have worked your tails off. We can't wait to see the finished product. During our attempts to lend a hand Reed and Ada took a ride with Granna who said they talked and talked and finally fell asleep. We all thought they had continued to nap in the driveway, but when we went to check, this is what we found:

That evening was another photo session pictured here. Jimmy, Ada and I were about to head home to pack up to leave for the beach the next day when we got a call from Mimi saying that my sister Suzi and her son Roman had come in town early and wanted us to come downtown and play.

Roman loves "the hill" in Renaissance Park. He slide down both bare bottom and with cardboard.

Ada wanted to crawl down the hill the entire time. I suppose she chose this direction with gravity working in her favor.

A yummy meal at Greenlife Grocery, capped off with their delicious gelato, made for great fuel to go home and pack after a long-jam-packed-fun-filled-day.

Saturday, September 13, 2008

happy birthday little friend

Last Saturday, Ada attended her first kiddie birthday party. Her good buddy, Anna Kate turned one whole year the day prior and it was time for a celebration. Anna Kate's mommy started the party off in style by sending out very cute invitations. There were cute mementos scattered throughout the party that took much time and creativity and showed a mommy and daddy's love for their daughter. Happy Birthday little one! Thanks for sharing your special day with us.

Anna Kate got the neatest wagon from her mommy and daddy for her birthday. All the party girls hopped in.
Anna Kate, opening her first gift at the party. A cabbage patch doll that she held on to almost the entire time.
What did Ada do during the party. . .
And a little. . .
Anna Kate is the master of eating your first birthday cake. She ate it like a pro. Can you give Ada lessons?

On our way out Jimmy stopped for one last chat so Ada got in Anna Kate's swing.
Ada went from this. . .

. . .to this. Ada had way to much fun and by this time was in desperate need of a nap.

Happy 1st Birthday Anna Kate! Ada truly had a wonderful time despite what the previous picture may say. She may have had a little too much fun :)