Saturday, February 28, 2009

she loved and was loved

A good wife, mother, daughter, sister, "Gran" and friend. Her cancer cured. Her pain is gone. She can again be with the man that she continuously called for, her Hawthorne (She always called the love of her life by their last name). This women who loved and was loved, Jimmy's Gran, went to be with the Lord yesterday.

Always holding pictures close to my heart, during times like these they are held even closer. Encouraging you to continually take pictures/have pictures taken of your family.

November 2008: The last time Ada got to be with Gran. Great Gran had many collectibles and wanted to share one with Ada...

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My favorite...


Now you are free Elizabeth "Gran" Hawthorne. You can dance again with your beloved...

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

happy birthday ada luv

We dreamed about you. We wondered who you would be. We envisioned different personalities and an even more eclectic look. We thought about you often, spoke to you frequently, and prayed for you much. Counting the kicks we knew you would be active, but remained clueless on the specifics of your reality. Though our dreams were big, you far out weighed them. You, Ada Olivia (also know as Ada Luv) are better than we ever imagined. You have made us love stronger and deeper and know love in a way that we never knew existed. You mean more to us than I am certain you will ever know until you, one day, are able to experience the same thing we did exactly a year ago today. We thought we loved you in my belly, but our love for you has grown even greater though we did not think possible. This day is bittersweet. Today you are ONE! We want to keep you little forever, but at the same time you get even more fun everyday. We love you our Ada Luv and are so thankful that the Lord entrusted you with us for our short time on earth. Thank you for coming into our lives and allowing us to love you as well as we know how!

2.10.08 @ 12:28am
6pounds 13ounces


Love you forever
Like you for always
As long as I'm living my baby you'll be.
(anyone recognize this excerpt? It is from one of our favorite books)

We love you sweet Ada Luv!
Happy FIRST Birthday!
Huge huge thank you to our fabulous friend Tobi for this awesome hoodie! If you think this is cute and were unable to make it to Ada's b'day party then you are in for a treat. Tobi embellished Ada's b'day garb too. Tobi could you share just a smidge of your talent with me? Just a little tiny baby smidge? Visit Tobi's place here.

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