Tuesday, August 26, 2008

swapping spit

Today was another quintet playdate. Our original plan of going to the pool got rained out thanks to our friend Fay. Plan B was an invite to the House of Moncrief. Everyone consented and even agreed to the requirement: pajamas only. No pajamas, no entry. What more could you really ask for on a rainy day than to literally stay in your pajamas all day long? Our den was quickly transformed into a playroom, not that we needed toys since all three of the "big" kids found the most amusing "toy" to be Jackson and his carseat. The little guy played along until Reed took his pacey. I really think Reed wanted to make sure that he got both the girls since he is quite the ladies man. So much so that Ada got her first kiss. On the lips. No, I did not have the camera. This is the first event that lead to the title of this post. Furthermore, Anna Kate swapped spit by drinking Reed's sippy cup (yes, she had the green eyes for sippy cups once again), sucked on his pacey and disposed of the remainder of Ada's teething biscuit. So as you can see there was a lot of spit swapping going on.

Fatty Munchers beware. Even post pregnancy, Jessica still makes her killer cookies. I devoured three and we all know those things are not tiny. Ashley brought some yummy looking cheesecake balls, but I was too sick from all the cookies to try them and of course no one wanted the fruit and yogurt I provided. How can you compete with homemade chocolate chip cookies and cheesecake balls?

We put Jackson in Ada's very girly swing. He still looks all boy amongst the pink fru fru.
At the end of the playdate we ran up to Ada's room and with all three of the "big" kids in the crib we concluded that next time we just need to throw them in there first. Who needs toys when you have Jackson, a carseat and three monkeys in a crib?

a shower for mr. owen and a party for his daddy

Katie due Sept 18th and looking good!

We gave, Katie, the last of the four UTC girls to deliver this year, a shower on the 23rd of August. The event was hosted at our house. Our home was filled with travel decor. Owen, due September 18th, has a very uniquely themed nursery. Katie chose a travel theme with underlying Dr. Seuss' "Oh! The Places You'll Go" parafinalia. So cute and so very creative. It laid a great foundation of fun for the look of the shower. The craft project mentioned here was the makings of Katie's invitations with a Dr. Suess-like look. (some info blurred out :)

Along with our individual gifts, as a group we showered Katie with two world maps used as tableclothes, a book full of travel destinations, an "Oh! The Places You'll Go" onesie and three sweet suitcases to be used in Owen's nursery. My favorite shower decoration/food item (and everyone elses) was this beautiful cake. Yes, I said cake. Can you believe it? Completely edible (and delicious too!) Becca's mom made it and did a fabulouso job! Thanks Mom II.

Four of the six UTC girls with babies in tow. (Ada 6 months, Emma 6 weeks, Nolan 2 weeks, Owen -3 weeks) I did not get a pic of our whole group :(

Melissa, thanks for this picture depicting Ada camped out at Katie's feet while she opened presents.

Melissa, thanks for this picture of Ada and I from the shower.

Lastly, I thought it was funny to see three boppys hanging out in Ada's nursery. We should have added the one Katie received at the shower. Forget designer handbags. We all tote around boppy pillows these days.

The night of the shower gave way to the first time Jimmy and I had stayed out past 10pm without Ada since she was born. It was the second time this year that I felt like a 16 year old girl. "Mom, can we please be gone past 11pm?", I asked. Mom easily consented and she ended up keeping Ada till 1am. I felt bad the next day when she phoned in good fun to tell me she could not get settled down until 4am and still made it to church. We on the other hand were in the middle of naps when she called and had not made it to church that morning. Oops!

The long fun filled evening was in honor of our buddy Kevin who will be turning 30 in October. Katie, determined to make Kevin feel special and make his birthday a complete surprise threw the party two months early. K&K are due with Owen Sept 18th. Katie knew that with a new little one that early would be the best. She did an incredible job surprising Kevin with a full array of family, friends, food and fun staked out at their house. Here are a couple of pics from the night prior to Ada going home to hang with Mimi.

Melissa, thanks for this one of Jimmy and Ada. You can see where Ada gets her beautiful blues.

Ada, me, Kristi and Nolan. Ada looks ginormous compared to Nolan (6 month age difference). Thanks for this pic Mel!

This years new dads with Ada, Emma and Nolan (thanks for this pic too, Mel!)

Kevin, the birthday boy, got in with the new dads "holding" his baby as well!

The UTC crowd (minus Antonio and Jess :( ) and its newest additions. Next time we all get together Owen will be with us too.

Owen we can't wait for your arrival and Happy extra early Birthday, Kev!

Monday, August 25, 2008

three hundred and sixty-six days

Last weekend we took a short, but sweet road trip to see our little cousin, Brooks, on his 366th day of life. I wish Brooks and his mommy and daddy (Marcy and Jason) lived closer. We had so much fun hanging out. Ada and Brooks got along so well. They spent half the time in time inside "reading" books and being entertained by Aunt/Cousin Courtney (Marcy's sister/Brook's aunt/our cousin). Aunt Courtney is a physical therapist working specifically with pediatrics so she adores children and in return they adore her.

I heart this picture. Courtney is reading to the two little cousins.

Having such an efficient mode of transportation, distracts Brooks from walking. But when your this fast crawling, who needs to start walking?

In this shot, Brooks reminds me of my Uncle Wayne (Marcy and Courtney's dad/Brooks Granddad) who passed away the year both Marcy and I got married. He never got to meet Brooks, but he always had a cap on and would wear it tipped back on his head as Brooks is doing in this picture. Uncle Wayne would have eaten up this little boy. He loved children and would harass them any chance he got. We miss you Uncle Wayne!

Brooks, you are such a sweetheart.Happy Birthday little cuz! We love you so very much!

After a long day of play it is time for bath time. Mommy and Daddy better start practicing saying "no" now. Who can resist these big beautiful eyes?

Monday, August 18, 2008

everything but the (kitchen sink)

Not only is this a Ben & Jerry's flavor, but also the description of what was taken into Coolidge Park during our playdate adventure. Collectively, we had a waterproof blanket, a regular blanket, crawl ball, teething necklace, bubbles, sippy cups, wipes, diapers, cameras, strollers, toys, toys and more toys, diaper bags, graham crackers, pacifiers and seriously this is literally only half of it. We looked like bag ladies. . .

Thursday we had a play date at Coolidge Park with Jackson, Reed and Anna Kate. It was fun to have two of each kind, both male and female and four different ages and stages. We have the completely immobile Jackson to the walking Anna Kate. I would like for Ada to have three siblings, but thankfully this quartet consisting of an 11, 10, 6 and 2 month combination is not physically possible or that would be one busy mommy.

Jackson was a sweetie and was definitely the most laid back and easiest to handle. I am sure much of this comes from age. He was able to sleep through the chaos and only let out a little peep when Ada momentarily took his pacey.

Reed was obsessed with testing out everyone's toys. Last outing Reed left with Ada's toy that is often known as "ca-bear" and his mommy ended up buying him one because he loved it so much. He found a new love for so many other toys today. His mommy may be investing in them soon as well. When he wasn't toy testing, Reed was in search of more graham crackers and would gladly eat Anna Kate's half eaten pieces that fell on the blanket.

On your mark. Get set. Go.

Flash forward 16 years. Reed sees a cute girl stranded on the side of the road.

Anna Kate had another obsession, Ada's sippy cup. The almost one year old had her very own cute pink sippy cup, but for today Ada's purple and green sippy cup looked more appetizing. When not eyeing the sippy cup, Anna Kate was showing off some of her new walking skills.

Ada sat, played and watched. It will be just a few months until she will be mobile like her slightly "older" friends. Ada loved her time with all of her little friends and can't wait to see them all again soon.
Each mommy took lots of pictures so I am sure there will be more from others to follow.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

happy six months, my love

Happy 6th months, my love. I am floored that you are already half a year old. It seems like yesterday we were overwhelmed with anticipation just wanting you to get here. You are one precious little girl.

You are now sitting up very well. Every once and a while you will still crash and burn such as last night when you did so and donked your noggin on the laptop. Uh-oh!

You started "crawling" backwards, really scooting. Your man Reed and cousin Brooks did the same thing so no worries. You will get the forward thing sometime soon. In the meantime, you have been getting a bit frustrated when your intentions are to head towards a toy and you just end up further and further away in a backwards pursuit.

Was Ada one of the last babies on earth to receive an exersaucer? Possibly. We had good intentions on the delay. Those things are expensive! Hopefully Ada will appreciate our frugality now so that we will be able to pay for her college in the future :) So close to buying one at a consignment sale a couple of weeks ago, I am so happy for second guessing that decision. Tonight as a happy six month birthday present, we found a brand new one for the exact same price, $40!!! So this version does not have all the bells and whistles, but Ada seems to enjoy it nonetheless.

Ada, you are so very loved and I hope you always know that.