Thursday, February 28, 2008

photo shoot

These are some teaser photos from this Saturday's photo shoot with the very talented Rich Smith. We go to church with the Smith family and have seen Rich capture special moments with many of our friends. Last Saturday we had an opportunity to have our special moments captured. I hope you enjoy and check out this link to Rich's blog. He is an incredible photographer and would highly recommend him. Check out the slide show and get ready to shed some tears or maybe it is just my hormones: Rich Smith Photography

The Ada Shirt is a one of a kind creation made by the talented Tobi who owns Ivey Handcrafted. Check out her blog: Ivey Handcrafted


Brad & Shana said...


Those pictures are darling!! I'll have to check out his blog, we are in need of a family portrait again!!

Ada is just a doll baby.

I especially love the cuddle time picture!! What a neat idea.


Summer said...

The photos are great, and you're definitely not just biased. Ada is so beautiful!!

Jessica said...

These are amazing photos! And I like the new site layout!You are quickly becoming a pro at this =)

I watched the sideshow and she is beautiful! I love the "baby bird" photo. Really I just love them all.

Tammy said...

Love the pics! He is a really talented photographer!! Of course it helps to have such a cute subject. :)

Lisa said...

Hi Jimmy and Brittany!

Congratulations on the arrival of your sweet Ada! She is a lovely girl, and I love her name. I saw on Amy's blog that she had arrived, and I found your blog through hers. Those pictures are truly incredible - Rich is very talented. You all look so happy - and although we met just a few times, I know that Ada is very fortunate to have wonderful parents like the two of you!

I'm also enjoying Jimmy's Ironman blog - His dedication is quite inspiring!

Have a great weekend!

Lisa Ridgely

deborah said...

O.K. I just went through a box of kleenex. Ada is adorable! Can we arrange Ada's and Reed's marriage right now. We'll write you and Jimmy into the will!!!!
I am so happy for you and Jimmy! It makes my heart happy!!!
You will be great parents!