Saturday, September 13, 2008

happy birthday little friend

Last Saturday, Ada attended her first kiddie birthday party. Her good buddy, Anna Kate turned one whole year the day prior and it was time for a celebration. Anna Kate's mommy started the party off in style by sending out very cute invitations. There were cute mementos scattered throughout the party that took much time and creativity and showed a mommy and daddy's love for their daughter. Happy Birthday little one! Thanks for sharing your special day with us.

Anna Kate got the neatest wagon from her mommy and daddy for her birthday. All the party girls hopped in.
Anna Kate, opening her first gift at the party. A cabbage patch doll that she held on to almost the entire time.
What did Ada do during the party. . .
And a little. . .
Anna Kate is the master of eating your first birthday cake. She ate it like a pro. Can you give Ada lessons?

On our way out Jimmy stopped for one last chat so Ada got in Anna Kate's swing.
Ada went from this. . .

. . .to this. Ada had way to much fun and by this time was in desperate need of a nap.

Happy 1st Birthday Anna Kate! Ada truly had a wonderful time despite what the previous picture may say. She may have had a little too much fun :)


Amy said...

Thanks Brittany for posting about AK's big day! You did a fabulous job as a photographer, and we enjoyed having the three of you here! To all of you who think I got my child a very ugly cake... it was cute before I dropped it! At least it was only her smash cake!

Tammy said...

very cute!