Wednesday, September 24, 2008

seven whole months

Our little cutie completed seven months of life this month. She is crawling everywhere and now has octopus arms as my sister, Jennifer, so accurately describes them. I love the way she explores and wants to reach new ends of the world (read: house). Along with this she has figured out how to open the DVD cabinet and pull out all of its contents. The first time, I sat there and let her without any interference, the entire time wondering where my baby had gone. She is not one any longer. Babies don't stand up and move around and pull things out of cabinets. I know I am probably sounding very sentimental right now,but I am really just floored how quickly time passes. Nonetheless she gets more and more fun with each passing day and I am loving every moment of it.
Ada said her first "word" the day of Jimmy's Ironman. "Dadada" comes from her mouth quite frequently, but how appropriate to begin this bit of conversation the day of her dada's race.

Here she is with her first teething biscuit. We keep thinking she is getting teeth, but none have surfaced yet. Either way she still enjoys the teething biscuits.
Showing off her toothless grin and her five three inch hairs. She is beautiful with or without. Lastly, yesterday morning at 5am Ada started crying. Unlike her to wake at this hour and unable to see her on the monitor I went to check on her. She had pulled up for the first time, freaked herself out by her new ability and could not figure out how to sit back down (She had a similar reaction the first time she sat up in her crib in the middle of the night). I first thought it was a fluke, but then yesterday in our office, she did it again.

She may be bald and she may be toothless, but she is on the move!

***update: I started this post yesterday and then while at Stonecup for lunch I felt Ada's first tooth***

***update: Sept 26th-Another tooth discovered***


Brad and Shana said...

Oh my, celebrating all these memorable, moving milestones!!

Congrats Ada Love on pulling up and your first tooth! Hair will eventually show up, just ask Sara Kate, she looked very similiar throughout her first year and even into her second.

Glad y'all are doing well!

Amy said...

Way to go Ada girl! We have loved watching you grow and change! I've been floored over the past two weeks how much you have accomplished! Soon you will be running around with Anna Kate!

Jenny said...

So much so quickly...she's growing up so fast. Yay Ada!!! That is all so exciting. She's such a doll. Miss you guys!

MELDUST said...

What a wonderful post! She's growing up so quickly! How exciting that she's starting to pull herself up! Yay for Ada!! Are we walking tomorrow? I'll call you later today!! Love ya!

Becca and Brent said...

WOW - I love these posts even thought they are always sentimental and make me realize how quickly time is flying! Brent and I were soooo excited to be in her presence when she decided to say her first "dadada."
Such a pretty little girl and growing so quickly.
ps - i KNOW i saw a little white on those gums...

Jessica said...

what gorgeous pictures! Love that little brown dress. She is such a cutie! Although I still think she is a little stealth baby! One minute she's here, the next she's pulling up on the wagon!

Whit and Lindsay said...

Happy 7 months Ada! What a beauty you are!
LOVE the brown polka dots, too.

B- great photos, really. Amazing. Can't wait to practice with you at the beach. I'm hoping you can give me some pointers.

Can't wait to see you guys!! TWO WEEKS!!!!!