Thursday, October 30, 2008

happy birthday reed man

Ada and I had the pleasure of celebrating a first birthday with our favorite little man twice. Reed completed 365 days on earth on October 22nd. That day we celebrated with him by attending our weekly Kindermusik class, eating cupcakes and playing at the park.

This picture is Reed in a nutshell. Full of spunk, personality and absolutely adorable.
...and yes we cage our animals. Don't judge. If you have not had a mobile little one then your opinion does not count :) Ada ENJOYING the cage.

This monkey, Anna Kate, out of the cage and snagging Ada's sippy cup and greenie beans :)

The birthday boy lovin' on his mommy!

Self portrait of me and the little misses :)

THE birthday boy!

A week prior while at Navarre Beach, to celebrate the short-term-homecoming of Auntie L and Uncle Whit (more pictures to follow), we also had a birthday shin-dig for Reed-man. The cake which I had a delightful time making was demolished by the almost one year old. Reed did an excellent job taring into the cake, but my favorite was when he put his whole face in it. Great job, Reed! Happy Birthday, once again!

Doing well

. . .and mastered!

The finished product produced by Reed alone. No cake, just icing. That's how I like it too!

Happy 1st Birthday, Reed!


Jimmy said...

I wish I had some of that cake right now! Nice pics - as always!

Summer said...

Great photos, Brittany!

Tammy said...

love your new header! soo cute!

Ashley said...

Oh my goodness!! I heart the "cage" I know when my little squirt starts moving we are SO going to need one!! Looks like he had a blast at his birthday party!!

Jessica said...

Aww - thanks for the birthday shoutout! I'm so behind in my blogging. one day I'm going to update it! Your pictures are terrific! And I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your new header image on the blog!! So cute!