Wednesday, October 1, 2008

mr. september and sweet baby kisses

Owen, Mr. September belonging to our good friends Katie and Kevin, was welcomed into the world on September 15th. We unfortunately missed him on his day of arrival, but were able to visit him last Friday. He is absolutely adorable and so very sweet. He did not say a peep the entire evening. I love those moments where they sleep so soundly through absolutely anything and everything. Ada just started giving kisses this last week and decided to share some with Owen. How sweet!

While in utero Owen's parents often referred to him as Baby Mac. A nickname spawned from the family's surname. A cutie little onesie was created by the infamous Tobi with Ivey Handcrafted to show it off. I love the sweet star that Tobi applied to this onesie to make it extra unique.

Oh, my little girl. You just don't look little compared to Owen unless we are talking feet. Though the two are a little over seven months apart they already have the same size feet. This boy is going to be tall.

Welcome to our world, Baby Mac! We are so glad to have you :)


Amy said...

Ada is being so sweet! Precious little baby!

Ivey Handcrafted said...

awesome photos - Baby Mac is just beautiful - I love that onesie, one of my most favorite ones I have made! Ada is quite the sweetheart...but I already knew that! xoxo

Brad and Shana said...

That first picture is adorable (well, they all are), but with Owen's little hand up to his eye, it's like he's thinking, "man, so soon with the kissing stuff." he just looks exasperated. So cute.

Ella & Sara Kate are 7 months apart. They (Owen & Ave) are going to love looking back later at pictures of them together.

MELDUST said...

How cute they are together! We just love Ada kisses!! :)

Becca and Brent said...

i love that first picture with owen - obviously the babies are adorable and i love the ada kisses, but i also love the effect you did on the picture with the green. i love it!!! i cannot believe how beautiful your daughter is getting the older she gets. i knew she was a pretty new born but she's getting prettier and prettier each month!