Wednesday, November 12, 2008

sharks bite, bumble bees sting and other fun with critters

This year's Halloween theme song revolved around "I'm Bringing Home a Baby Bumble Bee" {sidenote: there is actually a home video of me, at two, singing this and doing the choreography}. Oh yes, on Ada's first October 31st she was a baby bumble bee. A bumble bee she was and a bumble bee she was several times. She made full use of her costume including a little potty break while inside and that is when her cute little disguise was retired.

We started out the holiday by heading down to Reseca, Ga (and if you don't put the emphasis on the second syllable like them Georgians do, you will be made fun of :) with Ladybug Anna Kate and Penguin Jackson. Spider Reed didn't make it, but we missed him and his web making abilities. So to Reseca we went to what we thought was going to be a pumpkin patch per the website, who knows???, but we were able to pet many furry creatures and take a hayride. The first picture demonstrates just how small this little town is. . .

Speaking of squishing things, poor Penguin Jackson. . .

We saw all kinds of critters (besides the ones we brought), but this was my favorite. I had a bunny as a child though he was nowhere near this size.

Per request, we were then directed to a pumpkin patch down the road. Unfortunately/fortunately the pumpkin patch had closed 45 mins prior, but the very gracious owner was outside and said we could go in just long enough to get a picture of our little critters.

My little bumble bee had a moment of drama. I think her stinger got it a wad or such. It was too cute not to capture.

Next up, Tucker Shark came to visit. He was the cutest dang shark we had ever seen and not only did he not bite us he actually bit his own "teeth" almost the entire time instead.

Don't you just love some good shark tail and bumble bee stinger?
That night, oh yes, we had a wild day. We went to meet the newest critter or vegetable (?) rather, Pumpkn' Silas. Just a brand new little pumpkin at just a couple of weeks. He is SO cute, right!?!

The next day we went to Lobster Emma's house for she was hosting a party. It was the first party for the 2008 UTC marketing babes and Lobster Emma pulled out all of the stops. The attendees were of course Lobster Emma, Bumble Bee Ada, So Cute It's Scary Nolan and Tiger/Michael Phelps Owen. The major topic of conversation for the adults consisted of the major change in the dynamics of our group and what in the world did we talk about before babies. Along with these conversations, Lobster Emma's parents conducted a costume contest. Each baby won a category and even received prizes. It was so cute. With all the babies on different schedules we tragically never got a group shot.

Lobster Emma and my Baby Bumble Bee as she rips Melissa's earring out. I am so happy that your ear was okay and that we did not have to front the money for reconstructive surgery. I am so sorry about your ear, Mel!!!

At this moment we also discovered that Ada and Emma though 5 months apart weight the exact same. I knew Ada was in the 30th percentile for weight, but man, am I feeding her enough!?! Though very different ages and similar weight both girls look perfectly healthy, cute and precious to me.
Becca made the cutest and most scrumptious cakes. Aren't they cute!?!
Emma had an eventful day so she was down to sleep at this point so it was just Ada with the boys, Owen and Nolan. Nolan was really into bee fur.
The boys are holding hands. Aaah!
Happy (late, very late) Halloween!


Amy said...

CUTE little babies everywhere!

Lisa said...

What a cute little bumble bee! I love the pic of her in the pumpkins!

Tammy said...

cute all around! Maddie's recital dance last year was to Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee. :)

Summer said...

I've never seen cuter trick-or-treaters. That is for sure!

Ashley said...

Oh they are all precious!!!

ariel said...

too cute.. I love all the babies in their furry costumes! Ada is so lucky to have so many friends around her age! Glad I was able to experience one of the bumblee bee days!

MELDUST said...

Love all the cute babies! What neat costumes - I like Tucker the Shark! hehe! Too cute! All of them!

Mama Sandy said...

I can't believe how big Aida is getting!!!! Seems like yesterday that I was sitting on Becca and Brent's front porch holding her while you all were packing the truck for them to move. She is a beautiful baby just like her parents.

Becca and Brent said...

too cute!! i love the shark. he's adorable.