Tuesday, December 9, 2008

a weekend of thanks

With Christmas just THIRTEEN days away I thought I should at least post about our Thanksgiving weekend. The rest of November will just have to wait for another time.

Thursday: The three Moncrief's embarked on a Thanksgiving tradition that my other immediate family had been holding true to for several years now. With Jimmy's dad and stepmom now living in Chattanooga we now are able to stay in our hometown and still spend time with them over the holiday of thanks. Early T-Day morning we got bundled up to do the our local Turkey Trot. This five, three or 1 mile event was destined to do some pre-burning of the evenings caloric intake. Not as ambitious as the remainder of my family Ada and I chose the three miler and were thankful to have Melissa, Emma and my neice Peyton Carli along for the trek too! We hope to make this a tradition of our own. I have loved doing new things this year that will mark the inauguration of new traditions with Ada.

All of the family that participated in the event.
Dad came for moral support :)

My three mile buddy

Beautiful Emma girl and...
Ada Love
My sisters kept poking fun of my toboggan and said I should go hug that tree over there. I well I ain't scared and maybe we all should be a little bit more like the tree huggers. Besides I thought staying warm always equated to looking a little homeless.

After the trot we headed to IHOP. Which I just learned within the last ten years was in fact NOT an indian restaurant, but instead a house of pancakes. What better way to stretch out your tummy for dinner than to eat an expandable brunch.

Aunt Suzi "gave" Ada some syrup. Thankfully she just pretended to let it drip on the open mouthed little bird. Pretended, ya right, the chick ended up sticky, but thankfully none made it in the beak :)

The group and thankfully the Crane's were brave enough to come along too. Everyone again made fun because I almost set in a guys lap while taking this shot. Sad enough, the guy was sitting all alone on the holiday of thanks. We asked him to join us, but he declined.

That evening we headed to my parents where my entire family (minus Roman :( was with us along with Jimmy's Dad and Inn. I was not in charge of taking pictures that evening so I am actually in several.

I know others have mentioned that their little ones were able to participant in the Thanksgiving feast and mine was one of those as well. Ada's favorite was the sweet potato casserole that I provided, but who doesn't like "good" for you foods packed full of cinnamon and sugar. It was my first time making it and will definitely again since it is SO easy.
Jennifer once again introduced us to a new game. I am so serious, every time we are together she has another new one. This one was called Snorka, I think.

I have mentioned before that we are chocoholics in this family and here we are in action. I love Jennifer's chocolate goatee. One day Ada will be standing right beside us with a beard of chocolate and a mullet of syrup.

Yes, here we have a toilet. My parents have a house that was built in the 1970's and while the house has been completely refurbished chocolate shag carpet and all until recently the mint green toilet in one of the bathrooms remained. The picture leaves no room to guess our reaction.

Friday, we had a surprise visit from our friends Chris and Christy Vaughn who currently live in Washington D.C. It was so awesome to see you guys and guess what they are expecting. A girl. In April. Yippee. Once again, the baby boom continues.

Saturday was the what fourth??? annual cookie extravaganza with my Becca Boo. We made gingersnaps, peanut butter balls and little pretzel contraptions. This time we elicited help from my neice, Peyton Carli, who helped out a ton. With Peyton and cutting down to only making three items we turned a typically twelve hour event into one that lasted only four or five. I love this tradition! I am sad to say I did not take any pictures of all of our hard work and have now either eaten or given away all the evidence :(

That night my family went out to eat at O'Charley's. While finishing up our meal the kids taught Ada how to click her tongue. I love love love it when this little girl clicks her tongue. I think it is so very cute. Here she is getting instructions and then a video of her in action.

Sunday was a special time. We had Ada dedicated at our church and were so thankful that our families could be in attendance. While we do not believe that dedication will secure a spot in heaven for our little girl we do it as a means to be held accountable in how we raise our daughter, for the Lord and not for man. Becca said that while we bowed our heads during prayer Ada was looking down too, like what are we looking for. :)

Our group outside of the church: Papa Campbell, Mimi, Halmoni, Halabaji, Aunt Suzi, Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Mark, Ada, Jimmy, me, Peyton Carli and Preston. Plus, Becca who was taking the picture :) Thank you everyone for coming and showing your support. We love each of you very much.
Becca "wearing" Ada as we walking to our lunch destination, Taco Mac, in the brisk wintry weather.

Lastly, during the cookie extravaganza we got a call that Miss November had made her appearance. Whew, right in time. She almost went into December :) Past her due date, I know Robbie and Katie were more than ready for this little girl to get here. So Sunday we had to go see our friends and their brand new babe. Presenting sweet cuddly little Josie Makayla. Isn't she just so sweet and I just love the name Josie. I was able to take several pictures of Josie at the hospital and then do an at home session. Click here to see more.

I am thankful for good friends.
I am thankful for a loving family.
I am thankful for a saviour that lives and loves unconditionally.


Brad and Shana said...

Ooooh, Brittany. I think I'm thankful for good, long posts with lots of pictures.

You're right, we both are/were past due for an update. I've sat down several times and keep getting interrupted.

Then the great sickness of '08 set in for Sara Kate, and all bets were off.

I have in mind some posts. Hopefully, I'll get to it today or tomorrow. I'm just glad I have interested readers :)

I must say our families are very similiar. We too, love to play games on Thanksgiving. This year, the game of choice was nerts. (?) And, several of my aunts and cousins along with my mom and sister bake cookies together all weekend. This year we baked 2716!

Lisa said...

I love all of your Thanksgiving traditions! Your family looks so wonderful and it seems you had a great day!

The video is so cute! She is just a sweetie.

Love the pics from the newborn session - they are amazing! You are so talented!

Jessica said...

I LOVE the video of Ada clicking her tongue, and the photo from O'Charley's and how excited she was! Too cute.

Becca said...

YAY FINALLY a post update from Mrs Moncrief. I love all the pictures - great post and great memories. Some how we always "forget" to take pictures of you and I together when I'm in town. People I PROMISE I'm there, right along with all the other family members :)
Thank you again for asking me to participate in Ada's dedication!

Amy said...

Love the update! I am with you... Ada's clicking of the tongue is the cutest! Glad I got to witness it!

Whit and Lindsay said...

I just love you and your family. Hugs and kisses to all.