Sunday, August 10, 2008


So we had planned to go on an ice cream tour this week. What is an ice cream tour, you ask? It is a trip where you drive to different cities and eat ice cream in large quantities from local facilities. As a member of the fatty munchers, we are just trying to "keep up with the Farley's" . So yeah, we were going to go to Johnson City and stay with our cousins Jason and Marcy and Mr. Brookes. Then we were going to drive to D.C. then to Boston and then to the ice cream mecca, Ben and Jerry's. Y-U-M!!! But we are not going. At least not this week as originally planned. You see my honey bunny had a training accident Friday. You can read about it here. There are pictures. You can't say I didn't forewarn you. After a test run to downtown with the bum leg we decided it best not to imbark on a 2200 mile road trip. We were stoked about our little adventure. We know everything happens for a reason. Maybe Ada wouldn't have done well, duh you say. . .a 6 month old in the car for almost twenty hours in a week!?! Ha! Maybe Maxi the Maxima with 197k miles would not have made the entire trek? A car accident? Gluttony (that one wasn't really a question) Jimmy is going to get a job offer this week? Or perhaps it was a simple reminder of how much my husband does for our family on a normal basis. Thanks, babe! I appreciate you more than you ever know because I get to do all this stuff myself, ha! :) Who knows, but we felt we received clear direction today to forgo the trip for now.

This is actually the second time our vacation plans have been rerouted, this month! We were suppose to go to the beach with my family the first week of August, however my nine year old nephew broke his arm for the second time this year. This injury resulted in two screws because part of the bone broke off. Oh, what Preston now has to look forward to when going through security at the airport. Well the doc said no beach for Preston for a while so my mom finally got her vacation deposit back so that trip is being put on hold until next month.

So we are starting to believe someone is trying to tell us something. hmm? In the meantime we are sitting back with our Ben & Jerry's in hand and dreaming of Burlington, Vermont.


Amy said...

Hope Jimmy is doing better! We've been thinking about him! I hope you get to go soon!

Ivey Handcrafted said...

I am so sorry you guys can't go...but I am even happier that Jimmy is okay - it could have been worse..and I do believe things happen for a reason! You will get your ice cream tour!!! LOVE YA!

Summer said...

Poor Jimmy! I hope he gets well soon. And sorry about the vacation. Any trip that revolves around ice cream is one worth taking in my book!!