Monday, August 25, 2008

three hundred and sixty-six days

Last weekend we took a short, but sweet road trip to see our little cousin, Brooks, on his 366th day of life. I wish Brooks and his mommy and daddy (Marcy and Jason) lived closer. We had so much fun hanging out. Ada and Brooks got along so well. They spent half the time in time inside "reading" books and being entertained by Aunt/Cousin Courtney (Marcy's sister/Brook's aunt/our cousin). Aunt Courtney is a physical therapist working specifically with pediatrics so she adores children and in return they adore her.

I heart this picture. Courtney is reading to the two little cousins.

Having such an efficient mode of transportation, distracts Brooks from walking. But when your this fast crawling, who needs to start walking?

In this shot, Brooks reminds me of my Uncle Wayne (Marcy and Courtney's dad/Brooks Granddad) who passed away the year both Marcy and I got married. He never got to meet Brooks, but he always had a cap on and would wear it tipped back on his head as Brooks is doing in this picture. Uncle Wayne would have eaten up this little boy. He loved children and would harass them any chance he got. We miss you Uncle Wayne!

Brooks, you are such a sweetheart.Happy Birthday little cuz! We love you so very much!

After a long day of play it is time for bath time. Mommy and Daddy better start practicing saying "no" now. Who can resist these big beautiful eyes?


Brad and Shana said...

Darling pictures, glad y'all had fun!

Jessica said...

Okay, so in that first picture, I didn't see Ada, I just saw Brooks and some sort of ball. Then I realized the ball was Ada's head. Her darling little dress blends right into the rug! What cute kids!

Jessica said...

So after a second look, and Michael telling me I was being mean, I decided the book in the photo was subliminally telling me to think ball, not sweat little baby girl.

Brittany said...

I am sure I got Michael's sympathies since he could tell I was at the home of fellow baseball fanatics :) Besides, Ada is becoming quite confident in her baldness.

marcy said...

I am so excited we made your blog post again. The pictures are fabulous and the comments about daddy are so sweet. Please come back soon.

Tamara Chastain said...

Your pictures are fabulous. Are you for hire?

Anonymous said...

Oh Brittney your pictures are BEATIFUL!! I so adore looking at your site!
I am interested in you doing Ayden and I pic's. If you think you can handle Ayden's 2 toddler-ness! HA!

I wish you the best of luck in pic taking, your AWESOME!
:0) Misty Wilson