Tuesday, August 26, 2008

a shower for mr. owen and a party for his daddy

Katie due Sept 18th and looking good!

We gave, Katie, the last of the four UTC girls to deliver this year, a shower on the 23rd of August. The event was hosted at our house. Our home was filled with travel decor. Owen, due September 18th, has a very uniquely themed nursery. Katie chose a travel theme with underlying Dr. Seuss' "Oh! The Places You'll Go" parafinalia. So cute and so very creative. It laid a great foundation of fun for the look of the shower. The craft project mentioned here was the makings of Katie's invitations with a Dr. Suess-like look. (some info blurred out :)

Along with our individual gifts, as a group we showered Katie with two world maps used as tableclothes, a book full of travel destinations, an "Oh! The Places You'll Go" onesie and three sweet suitcases to be used in Owen's nursery. My favorite shower decoration/food item (and everyone elses) was this beautiful cake. Yes, I said cake. Can you believe it? Completely edible (and delicious too!) Becca's mom made it and did a fabulouso job! Thanks Mom II.

Four of the six UTC girls with babies in tow. (Ada 6 months, Emma 6 weeks, Nolan 2 weeks, Owen -3 weeks) I did not get a pic of our whole group :(

Melissa, thanks for this picture depicting Ada camped out at Katie's feet while she opened presents.

Melissa, thanks for this picture of Ada and I from the shower.

Lastly, I thought it was funny to see three boppys hanging out in Ada's nursery. We should have added the one Katie received at the shower. Forget designer handbags. We all tote around boppy pillows these days.

The night of the shower gave way to the first time Jimmy and I had stayed out past 10pm without Ada since she was born. It was the second time this year that I felt like a 16 year old girl. "Mom, can we please be gone past 11pm?", I asked. Mom easily consented and she ended up keeping Ada till 1am. I felt bad the next day when she phoned in good fun to tell me she could not get settled down until 4am and still made it to church. We on the other hand were in the middle of naps when she called and had not made it to church that morning. Oops!

The long fun filled evening was in honor of our buddy Kevin who will be turning 30 in October. Katie, determined to make Kevin feel special and make his birthday a complete surprise threw the party two months early. K&K are due with Owen Sept 18th. Katie knew that with a new little one that early would be the best. She did an incredible job surprising Kevin with a full array of family, friends, food and fun staked out at their house. Here are a couple of pics from the night prior to Ada going home to hang with Mimi.

Melissa, thanks for this one of Jimmy and Ada. You can see where Ada gets her beautiful blues.

Ada, me, Kristi and Nolan. Ada looks ginormous compared to Nolan (6 month age difference). Thanks for this pic Mel!

This years new dads with Ada, Emma and Nolan (thanks for this pic too, Mel!)

Kevin, the birthday boy, got in with the new dads "holding" his baby as well!

The UTC crowd (minus Antonio and Jess :( ) and its newest additions. Next time we all get together Owen will be with us too.

Owen we can't wait for your arrival and Happy extra early Birthday, Kev!


Becca and Brent said...

Man what a whirlwind of a weekend! Great post and great memories. Thanks for sharing!

Ivey Handcrafted said...

oh my goodness the decor for the shower was just fabulous. You guys did awesome!!! And I love the invites. What a great idea for a nursery also!

Amy said...

That cake... AMAZING! I can't believe it is real! Way to go Becca's mom!

MELDUST said...

Oh how are life has changed...toting Boppys instead of cute handbags. BUT boy do I LOVE every second of it!!!