Thursday, August 7, 2008

another month ripped off the calendar

Behind is an understatement, but I know I am not the only one. This summer has gone crazy fast. A whirlwind for most, but let's skip intros and get straight to the catching up part.

On the eleventh of last month with the encouragement of Tucker's mommy and daddy, we completely dunked Ada at the pool. I am sure everyone has heard the blow test. Blow into an infants face and they automatically close their mouth and their eyes. At least, so "they" say. I am not sure if it was because Ada had recently started solids and smelled food on our breath (ha, but seriously), but Jimmy, Chris, Jennifer and I each attempted the feat and each time we failed. Ada would open her mouth and not think twice about it. Since I came to the pool without my swimsuit, Jimmy had to do the dirty work. I assured him that if I had my suit I would dunk her anyway. He said he did not want to do it to his little girl. Thank you Chris and Jennifer for cheering us/him on. They had dunked Tucker at 2.5 months old the same night. Tucker and Ada though 2.5 months apart reached a milestone within the same day. Along with my swimsuit I also forgot the camera so thanks so much to Jennifer for the pictures. Before and after shots:

I have thought about making baby food since for a while now. I remember opening up Jennifer's (sister) freezer door to find ice cube trays filled with oranges and greens for Preston and Peyton Carli. I still needed further direction and a little bit of inspiration. When Marcy and Brooks came in town they brought a gift to Ada, a book on baby food called First Meals. I have really enjoyed it and have learned that making your own baby food is not only cost effective and easy, but can also widen the variety of foods your child can eat. So far, fresh organic carrots, broccoli and zucchini occupy our freezer.
In addition, Nissa allowed me to borrow her baby food grinder. I had been telling her about this new venture in baby food, but explained that my blender was a bit of a pain to clean. Since Henry has a ways to go before starting solids Nissa so graciously allowed me to test out the grinder for her. Along with it she handed over delicious blueberries that were handpicked from her neighbor down the road. With the two in hand I decided to use them together. After consulting Marcy's book that cleared blueberries as a first foods, Ada was not left out from the sweet scrumptious treat. Making baby food is fun, but for all of those other days we are thankful for pre-packaged organic baby food.

blueberries. . .yum. . .

and a taste of daddy's pear. . .

One day last month, Ada and I had accessory day or shoe day is more like it. I recently asked if you had ever purchased a pair of shoes thinking these are completely unpractical, but I must have them. As girls I am sure we all have. Baby shoes are completely unpractical, however they are adorable and completely irresistible. Thankfully many of these irresistible pairs have been given to Ada.And she's done. . .

A week ago, some extended family came into visit. Jimmy's Uncle David, Aunt Julie, Cousin Lily and Cousin Ellen. We were very excited to have them in all the way from Ft. Smith, AR. This was the very first opportunity for Ada to meet this portion of the family. She enjoyed every moment with them. Lily is headed into her freshman year of college and Ellen into her sophomore year of high school. These girls are growing up so fast, just like the little girl in our household. I am trying not to blink so I won't open my eyes and she too will already be graduating from High School. The fam brought Ada all kinds of goodies. One is this little stuffed kitty that teaches you how to tie shoes, zip a zipper, button, etc. Ada has become quite fond of this new little creature and has taken a nap with it ever since.Last week, we finally met Daniel, Mr. June. He is such a cutie and he has the most fun big brother David who is soon to be three. For the entirety of our stay, David was acting like the family St. Bernard, Stonewall. I would say, "What is going on Stonewall?" "Stonewall" would then bark and bark and bark. Ada found the barking "Stonewall" absolutely hilarious. It literally is the hardest I have seen her laugh thus far. Supposedly, David has quite the way with the ladies and quite the harem. First, Baby Daniel and then "Stonewall's" boots.
Melissa had a good story here.

On Friday, Jimmy and I went out with our good friends Kevin and Katie who are expecting Baby Owen in just over a month. I was able to take some pictures of the two and the cutest baby bump ever seen. You can check out their sneak peak here. Aretha Frankenstien was our food stop of choice. It was Ada's second time. She was just a wee little thing her first time their, also with Kevin and Katie. Next time we may have another little one with us. Aretha's has the most incredible food, however, the most incredible wait time ever. every. single. time. Just a fair forewarning. Do NOT go if you are starving, but then again, don't go full either because you get a ton of food. We honestly have concluded that the wait time is part of the atmosphere and I swear there is only one person running the entire restaurant. After dinner we took a stroll down to Coolidge Park. After a couple of more shots of the cute couple we ended up at Clumpies. Baby Owen wanted some ice cream :) I hope you continue to "speak" up after you get here. We all enjoyed our Ice Cream fix. This ice cream joint usually leaves you with quite the wait as well, but at least you can see why you are waiting along with all the other ice cream lovers. P.S. Both Aretha's and Clumpies are native to Chattanooga. Love that about both.
Jimmy's dad and his wife are building a house here in Chattanooga so after a delicious dinner at Green Life Grocery (located solely in Chattanooga and Asheville-another kick tail town) we went to go check out the progress. Foundation poured. Framed up. Roof on. Wired throughout. Certainly getting there. And no we did not take any pictures of the house, however Jimmy did manage to take a picture of the us girls in front of the dumpster. Yes, I know, but surprisingly enough if you can forget it is a dumpster it ended up being a pretty cool backdrop.

We have been M.I.A. from church for the last two weeks with out-of-town guests coming in two weekends in a row. This Sunday was Ada's second time in the nursery. Knowing that she did so well the first time allowed me to concentrate a bit more during the sermon. My heart was so very happy to hear that she did so well once again. Miss Avonne told us that she was a joy and such a social butterfly. She would "talk" "talk" "talk" and as soon as everyone got quiet she would giggle. Oh how that report made me so very happy. Oh and Tucker was dedicated during the service. It was so very sweet. His daddy had the most precious words to say.

P.S. Prior to church, Jimmy was feeding Ada the "solid" portion of her breakfast. I walk in to find this. . . (look closely. . . at the ADULT SIZED SPOON) He had not even noticed it until after I said something and then laughed at his comical mistake. Such a goof ball.

Monday, August 4th Baby Nolan, Mr. August was born to our good friends Nathan and Kristi. Mr. Nolan delayed his entrance to the world at several days past his due date, but did so in perfect fashion. He is just perfect and so very cute. We went to visit the new addition on his birth day and had just missed Miss Emma. I would have loved to have gotten a picture of the three of them together. We will just have to wait for a playdate. Krisit looked so good and Nolan was cute as could be. He was well within his baby coma. Nathan poked and prodded him, but he just would not wake up.
I am completely floored by all of the babies that have been born and/or arriving soon. I have a feeling that the baby boom is going to continue. I love it. Speaking of, I just remembered Kristi's friend Jessica told her that she was pregnant the day that we went to visit Nolan.

Lastly, but very importantly, I want to thank each of you that have offered encouragement this past week in the start of Moncrief Photography. You have no idea how much it has meant to me. My husband and my best friend are the only two people that know how truly unnerved I was the day that the website was launched. Tears are an understatement. I regretfully have passed over so many things that I have seen and loved without giving encouragement to the creator. I will no longer do such a thing. I now know how much encouragement can mean to a person and I sincerely thank each of you who have left a comment, sent an email or made a phone call full of encouragement. I appreciate you. So. Very. Much.


Jenny said...

So adorable! Looks like she did well after going under. Just think, before you know it she'll be swimming all around you. Seeing her eat with that big spoon is so cute. By the way, your website looks awesome and I'm so proud of you for doing the photography! Hope to see you all soon.

Amy said...

Yes, the summer has FLOWN by. Look like you had a busy month for sure! Very brave of you to dunk Ada! I would love for AK to swim as well! Love the new preggie photos to MP. So pretty! Keep up the good work!

Tammy said...

Whew! You have been busy! Love the before and after pics of Ada in the pool!

Becca and Brent said...

YAY! A catch-up post. You have been SO super busy! Thanks for posting a picture of little Nolan - I've been DYING to see him. What a cutie-pie.

Seeing Jimmy feed Ada with an adult spoon - I literally laughed out loud. Watching him feed her is hilarious anyway.

Such good times and I LOVE the picture of you and Ada in front of the dumpster. Please hand Jimmy the camera more often so we have more Brittany and Ada shots!!

And look at you Miss. Baby Food Paula Dean (HAHA). That is SUPER cool that you're making her food. I knew you would probably take that route - it just seems so "brittany."

Thanks for catching us up!

MELDUST said...

What a great catch-up post to enjoy over breakfast!! Thank you!! Busy busy bee! I don't know how you have any time to get anything done! On the baby food making, my friend has a book she just loves, I'll email and find out what it is! Talk to you soon!

Brad and Shana said...

I got all caught up in your pictures, and checking out your new photography website that I forgot to comment. First of all, I had no idea that you were starting a business........but I am tickled pink about it. Brittany, it just seems so natural for you to open up a photography business. YOU ARE SO GREAT at capturing wonderful moments. The website looked awesome! It made me wish we hadn't just had our family portrait made at the beach, I'd have you right on over. But, still, I'll have more moments to capture and you'll be the first one I call!

Sorry I haven't called about a get together yet, but we took an unplanned trip to the beach, and then got ready for school to start. But, soon, I promise!!

Keep us posted with your business!


Brad and Shana said...

P.S. - I LOVE the dumpster pictures. Honestly, it makes an awesome background- especially the color shot (I thought), I really like the colors. With the right outfit-especially denim and/or brown , it would be really cool looking. Anyway, who knew a dumpster would be great photographer tool.

Whit and Lindsay said...

I love getting lost in the world of the Moncriefs!
Thanks for the post and the pics. What a treat!