Tuesday, August 26, 2008

swapping spit

Today was another quintet playdate. Our original plan of going to the pool got rained out thanks to our friend Fay. Plan B was an invite to the House of Moncrief. Everyone consented and even agreed to the requirement: pajamas only. No pajamas, no entry. What more could you really ask for on a rainy day than to literally stay in your pajamas all day long? Our den was quickly transformed into a playroom, not that we needed toys since all three of the "big" kids found the most amusing "toy" to be Jackson and his carseat. The little guy played along until Reed took his pacey. I really think Reed wanted to make sure that he got both the girls since he is quite the ladies man. So much so that Ada got her first kiss. On the lips. No, I did not have the camera. This is the first event that lead to the title of this post. Furthermore, Anna Kate swapped spit by drinking Reed's sippy cup (yes, she had the green eyes for sippy cups once again), sucked on his pacey and disposed of the remainder of Ada's teething biscuit. So as you can see there was a lot of spit swapping going on.

Fatty Munchers beware. Even post pregnancy, Jessica still makes her killer cookies. I devoured three and we all know those things are not tiny. Ashley brought some yummy looking cheesecake balls, but I was too sick from all the cookies to try them and of course no one wanted the fruit and yogurt I provided. How can you compete with homemade chocolate chip cookies and cheesecake balls?

We put Jackson in Ada's very girly swing. He still looks all boy amongst the pink fru fru.
At the end of the playdate we ran up to Ada's room and with all three of the "big" kids in the crib we concluded that next time we just need to throw them in there first. Who needs toys when you have Jackson, a carseat and three monkeys in a crib?

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Amy said...

Super fun PJ day!