Saturday, January 3, 2009

countdown to christmas part II

This quite possibly could be a very boring post for many to read. This was done for documentation sake so those who care nothing about the week my family was sick and/or detest country music (okay, I am not a HUGH fan of it myself, but who can resist a little C-A-R-R-I-E) be sure to stay at bay :) Oh and we actually took many pictures this week, but being the doe doe that I am I deleted them. UGH! That was a stressful moment since sickness was not the only think deleted. So, no pictures for this post.

The following week was a whirlwind. Ada was sick for the first time in her 10 months of life. She has had a little cold of course and several runny noses, but had not been sick enough to phone the on call nurse (or murse-male nurse-in this situation:) at whatever o'clock in the morning it took place. A photo session on that Saturday led to a visit with Uncle Mark, Aunt Jennifer, Preston and Peyton Carli for Ada. Upon retrieving my wee one from her cousins, Jennifer mentioned that Ada was not acting herself. Jennifer was so convinced that something was up that she followed me to Wal-Mart and went inside to get some meds in preparation of an upset. She went inside and left Ada and I nestled in the car and returned with earache relief numbing drops (I suppose it is like Oragel for your ears so Earagel...ha...yeah nevermind) and Ibuprofen. I already had Tylenol at home and Jennifer informed me that while both Tylenol and Ibuprofen are to only be administered ever four hours, with different active ingredients in each, the two can be alternated so the infant can be given fever reducing meds every two hours. My sis is full of kiddie wisdom and I am so very thankful. The first OTC drug was not put into use, but the latter certainly was. Ada continued to not act like herself, but no major ailments prior to going to bed. We still chose to go ahead and stay home from a Christmas party we intended to attend (Ada was going to Mimi's house) and we are so thankful that we did. Asleep at her normal bedtime, Ada awoke around 2am. We allowed her to settle back down, but she awoke again 15 minutes later. Completely unlike her to wake in the middle of the night hubs and I headed upstairs to find our sweet little girl in a sea of peas and carrots in her crib. She was drenched. We took her downstairs for a bath, temp check and cuddling. Squeaky clean she lost her peas and carrots once again. As I have expressed to many, I had no idea the difference between spitting up and throwing up in an infant until that very moment. To see your baby's body convulse as her little tummy empties was devastating. In tears I held her. She had an elevated temp the entire night that peaked at 103. She was on fire. It was the first night that she had been held the entire night through. It was the saddest yet sweetest night. Thankfully there was no more throwing up for our little girl, but then it passed to the hubs. To hear a grown man throw up is a disturbing sound. For 24 hours I only saw the hubs in 3 minute increments to bring him requested items (first a bowl-ugh, water, crackers, etc.) To prohibit the spread of germs he stayed quarantined and would call me on my cell when in need. I knew he was sick when this avid reader did not even do that. He stayed in bed for a solid day straight and did absolutely nothing. SOOOO unlike him. Everyone finally started perking up and I have NOOO idea how I ended up without the crud, but am so thankful that it stayed away from me. I literally drank a whole 2Liter of O.J. (vitamin C) in 36 hours. Overdosing on orange juice, vitamins and prayer must have done the trick.

The day between Ada and the hubs getting sick I was able to escape for just a bit and have some fun girl time. Amy and I went to see Carrie Underwood preform. It was an incredible performance though Ams and I both agreed that it was the first concert we had ever wondered will it ever end verses I hope it never ends. The girl played for forever. It really was delightful. I love her sweet charisma and hope that she continues to remain humble in her successes. So here is a clip from the concert of a sweet little girl named Caroline singing "American Girl" with Carrie. Be warned you may get sick yourself camera shack and unexplained static :)

Wow, you stuck around. See, it was not that painful was it?


Amy said...

Enjoyed watching the clip of the concert! Would love to have it if you get a chance. Had fun that night, and I am glad that you got to get away before Jimmy got sick!

Brent and Becca said...

WOW Carrie Underwood! How fun!! Loved the clip, too. And the post wasn't that boring, really...the whole deal about Jimmy not doing a thing for a whole day is a testament to just how sick he was! Glad you all made it through though!

Allison said...

I was at that concert - you must live in Chattanooga also.