Saturday, January 3, 2009

countdown to christmas part III

For Becca's birthday we were able to celebrate with her for a whole almost 24 hours. We met her at Opry Mills. It was chaotic to say the least. Mid-holiday season and we are in the heart of one of the largest shopping facilities in Tennessee. What were we thinking? We had a late lunch with Becca solely (Brent was still at work for a bit longer) and then did some mild shopping. We really only hit up four stores then we all had gotten over the whole shopping thing :)

Foodcourt shot amongst a beautiful backdrop of not one, but TWO wate disposal containers. We are so good and a little smelly... The girls went into the Old Navy outlet and upon our return found the hubs doing a little bit of this...

Banana Republic and Brooks Brothers had some good light so here are some pics of Becca and hubs with the little love.

After a stressful exit from the mall (30+ minutes to leave the parking lot alone :), Ada went down for an extremely late afternoon nap to be rested up to hit up Maggiano's. A delectable family style Italian dining experience was a wonderful choice for Becca's birthday dinner and for our taste buds. However, the cave like intimate/romantic lighting definitely did not give way to the best pictures :)

Oh and there was that beautiful nutcracker that Ada nearly knocked down on the hard stone floor that would have smashed the elegant creature to a million pieces, after I so brilliantly showed her the delicate handle that does the nut cracking or simply allows the little friend to talk.
Happy Birthday Boo! So glad we got to spend a mini weekend with you!

Upon our return home I went to a ladies only Christmas party thrown by our good friend Jennifer who is the perfect party planner. She has done several weddings and a coutless amount of parties. This years party was held at the Southside Gallery Cafe and was the perfect setting for the girls only affair. There was dinner, dessert and a dirty Santa gift exchange. Many pictures taken, but even more deleted and unrecoverable. Only a few were salvaged. I will share what I have though some of my favorites will have to stay tucked away in my mind forever. Do NOT make the same mistake I did. Back up your photos. I learned the hard way. Thankfully one of the group shots managed to be recovered though if I remember correctly there were some better ones but I am just thankful for what I have :) The ladies...and the most important, the dessert buffet. This is a small sample of the goodies Jennifer provided.

Thank you Jennifer for organizing such a delightful evening. I know we all love our families, but it was a bit refreshing to be out solo and not worry about packing diaper bags and dressing the hubs and see I can actually be on time (early actually) when I don't have the rest of the fam, ha.

I, of course, did not feel too bad about an all girls Christmas bash when later that week we attended an all inclusive Christmas party. The theme, the very trendy Tacky Sweater Christmas Party. This was definitely the year for it. So we got tacky. Well, the adults did that is. The kiddos stayed as sweet as pie. {sidenote: I used some funky editing on this one to spice it up for the tackiness of the night}

Thank you Santa for coming by to see all of us. We were so thankful to have a personal visit from you. You were great.

Tucker, Ada and Santa {sidenote: Ada's red outfit came from Pottery Barn. On clearance for under $10!!!}

Santa and Silas

Adding in Addie and Gabe. Oops, I just realized you can't see Gabe very well. He is semi hiding behind Santa's right calve holding Tucker.

Silas decided he was very comfy in the arms of Santa so he stayed while Foy and his Mommy got their pic made with Santa. Foy was a bit freaked out by the bearded man. I love a freaked out kid face with Santa, don't you? Priceless. Right in line with Ada freaking out over the Christmas tree.

Not a complete group shot, but a group shot of all of the tackiness that showed up. Check out the sleeve length on Jimmy's sweater.
Merry "almost" Christmas. Yes, in the real world the holiday has come and gone, but on my blog it is just almost here.

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Brent and Becca said...

WOW in the middle of all that was my bday celebration - just wanted to thank you again for coming up! and WOW at the tacky christmas party. too funny!! I think we recognize a shweater in there too...