Monday, January 5, 2009

meal item monday

I know what you are I have not already written every ones ear off already.
Yeah, and for those of you who don't know there are at least four other very recent blog posts lingering under this one. So if you are having a boring (very boring Monday) feel free to proceed.

Tangent annihilated (finally you say) and back on topic. So I have seen all around the blog-o-sphere a little thing called Meal Plan Mondays where one maps out there entire menu for their entire week. In addition to her menu, I once saw a blog chick type out her grocery receipt in its entirety. Interesting, but not what you will see here. So my blog title is a bit bland and may end up changing it once I get some creative juices flowing, but for now we have Meal Item Monday. Every Monday (hopefully) I will share a concoction that I have whipped up for my sub one year old. To give a smidgen of background...this whole idea was contrived after a sickly month of December for my little love that resulted in an unwillingness to eat the variety of foods that she once voluntarily partook in. If you have not experienced this in a child it can be VERY frustrating. One day the child willingly eats something (scarfs it up even), a few days pass and you offer the child the same thing again and she refuses. You try to cram it down her throat calmly offer it several times and still no such luck. I want my daughter's taste buds back. Things have been going well with these new tasty/healthy/easy recipes so I thought I would pass them along. So here goes the first run of Meal Item Monday. Would love some feedback if you end up trying this....don't want to deprive myself of quality time with my family for nothing after all...what am I kidding myself? It is 3am in the morning I am not depriving anyone of anything., ha! Oh my, I really should be sleeping like normal people. I regress....

Cheesy Pasta Stars Couscous

prep: 10 mins
nutrients: Beta Carotene, Calcium, Folate, Protein and Vitamins B12 and C
Also, Vitamin A and Iron if couscous is substituted

1 cup carrots (I used baby carrots that were already peeled)
1 cup boiling water
2 tbsp butter
1 tsp butter
1 cup tomatoes (skinned and chopped)
1/3 cup grated cheddar cheese
1/3 cup couscous (calls for 2tbsp pasta stars, but I obviously substituted)
  • place carrots in a small pan, cover with boiling water and cook until tender, 15-20 minutes
  • warm 2 tbsp butter in separate pan, add tomatoes and saute until mushy. Remove from heat and stir in cheese until melted.
  • meanwhile, microwave in glass container 1/3c couscous, 1/2c water and 1tsp butter for 2 minutes.
  • mix together cooked carrots with their cooking liquid, cheese and tomato sauce. Blend to a puree and combine with couscous.
Yum Factor: * * * * *
Ease of Recipe: * * * * (would have received a rating of 5, but it dirtied up so many pans)

Hubs and I thought this was delicious also. I am going to make more next time so we will be able to indulge as well. This dish is suitable for freezing if you so desire.


Amy said...

This sounds yummy! I might try to make it for my picky eater tonight!

Brad and Shana said...

Holy Smoke, girl. You have been busy, busy, busy. I just went back and read all of your darling posts. Thanks for catching us all up. I enjoyed them. Other than the sickness, it sounds like you had a wonderful hoiday.

Lisa said...

Sounds yummy, I love couscous!

I'm with you on being a night owl - and an early bird. Sleeping is for wimps. Or maybe just sane people...either way :)

Brent and Becca said...

oooo this sounds scrumptious. I'll have to try it out on our furbabies :) ha ha

Amy said...

Made it tonight! Yum! Anna Kate actually ate SOME of it. I liked it a lot more than she did, but I think I can coax her to eat it.