Tuesday, May 20, 2008

3 states in 3 days at 3 months

What a wild weekend. We did over 18 hours of driving. While skeptical on how Ada would do on such a long action packed weekend she did really well. Every time we were on the road she slept like the cutest little log you have ever seen.

The weekend began by stopping by our state's capital to visit b & b and to check out their new pad. What do you think?

I am just kidding. The Montikers have a true propensity for real estate so this is some of the Nashville style RE that we previewed. I am certain that the Whitaker's will inhabit a place such as this at some point.

After our real estate tour and an hour wait (and we still had not been seated) at our beloved Bonefish the guys decided they were about to gnaw off each others arms and Ada decided it was time to go to bed. Why did we not plan on a simplistic dinner in the first place? The girls went back to the flat while the guys picked us up Schlotzsky's sandwiches and a mound of cookies. We stayed up late and deliriously spoke of times past and things to come.
Before hitting the road again we capped off our morning with some Starbuck's. Always a great start to any morning. Here, Becca is introducing Ada to her first round of Starbuck's coffee.
Next Stop Memphis. Ada meets her Great-Gran, age 92, for the first time. The day in pictures:

Four Generations

Uncle Mike, Ada, Parker (he kept Ada's attention) and Aunt Patsy

On now to Little Rock, Arkansas where Ada met her Great Grandma, age 83. Grandma did not know that we were coming it was a complete surprise and what a wonderful surprise it was.

Georgia was our third state and last stop on our 3 day trek around the southeast. At this point we dropped our male pilgrim and just the girls continued their pilgrimage down to Georgia. This time to visit sweet Nissa who is a week away from popping. Baby Henry is expected to arrive next Wednesday and Nissa still looks incredible. Never have I seen such a pure basketball belly in all the pregnancies I have ever encountered. Nissa you are adorable and can't wait to meet you Baby Henry!Mark and Nissa's dog, Murphy. Don't let him fool you. He is actually seven years old but is one of the most spry canines I have every met and so caring. Ada took a nap in Nissa's room and Murphy went back and forth across the hallway checking on his miniature human friend.


Becca and Brent said...

I LOVE the sweet pictures with the great grandmothers!! What a lucky girl, that Ada luv, to have so many great grandmothers in her life!

Nissa is amazing and I was cracking up at the dog story!! I can't wait to see what her baby looks like.

Tammy said...

Sweet. What a great heritage little Ada has!

Brad & Shana said...

What a wonderful and blessed weekend you had.....there is NOTHING better than friends and family!!

So glad you had a great time. It makes my heart happy when my friends are happy!

Summer said...

Well, heck! You should have made it 4 states in 4 days and stopped by MO, since you were already in Little Rock. :)

Ivey Handcrafted said...

what an awesome weekend full of travel and adventure. I love all the pics...they are fabulous! xoxo

Brentley said...

That is some white carpet that dog is standing on! Neat picture of the dog and the carpet!