Monday, May 5, 2008

mommy 's sorry

Saturday I ran Ada completely ragged. She was wonderful but in the end she said she had had enough. She was done, like a Thanksgiving turkey!

Our day started at 6:40, which was just enough time to get the household fed and dressed. This was an early morning for Ada and I. We were dropping Jimmy off at Finley Stadium for the start of his first century. 3 Mountain 3 State. The 100 mile bike ride consisted of exactly that, climbing three mountains (Suck Creek, Sand & Lookout) in three different states (Tennessee, Alabama & Georgia). As one of the hardest centuries available I was very nervous that Jimmy would be doing it for the first time in the rain. So nervous in fact that a couple people mentioned that I might be pregnant. That thought made me even more nauseous :)

How can Jimmy be smiling when he is about to encounter a new endeavor in a draconian downpour!?! We leave Jimmy with prayers for wisdom and protection and head home. We spend the remainder of the morning with our friend Jessica. We all went to lunch with a great chat at Stone Cup and waited for Becca to finish up with family affairs before picking us up for Melissa's Baby Shower. The shower was adorable with a tea party theme. Miss Emma, expected to grace us with her presence in July, got her first tea set. So cute! Speaking of cute...Melissa looked adorable with her baby bump.
At the shower, Ada was tossed around like a hot potato and enjoyed every minute of it....

....until she said oh yeah, I am hungry and have not had more than a twenty minute nap today. I love Katie's mommy face. Both faces are priceless...
From: Ada To: Emma (from where else but Ivey Handcrafted)

More of Emma's loot. She racked up.

Jessica (Sister J), Kristi in baby tow with Mr. July , Mama K in baby tow with Mr. September, Melissa in baby tow with Ms. July-Emma, Moi & Ms. February-Ada (fed & happy once again), and Aunt Boo

After the shower my nerves began to soar again. I had not heard from Jimmy. Sister J kept calling Jimmy, One Pedal Moncrief (because during his previous mid race phone call he said one of his cleats broke...I can't believe he continued...I would have given up) which cracked me up. Becca, Jess, Ada and I headed down to Finley Stadium to try to find Jimmy. While Sister J babysat Ada in the car Becca and I got out to begin the search for my honey. During our search we felt completely foolish in our formal garb in comparison to the bike shorts, bike jerseys & bike cleats that encompassed everyone else's body. I truly felt like high school girls dressed up to watch their boyfriends finish a race. Every time we received a strange look, which was quite often, I got on my cellphone and pretended to be telling my "friend" on the other end of the phone about the fabulous baby shower we just got back from. Those that missed my faux conversation probably thought we were seventh day adventist, after all they do worship on Saturday but then again, that religious sector probably dresses a little more conservative, oh well. All that to say we did not find Jimmy at Finley so we jumped back in the car to back track the bike route. Within less than a mile we spotted Jimmy, quickly honked, turned around and met him at the finish. I am so proud of him. One cleat and all. He finished and with a smile. He even said he felt he could go straight into a marathon (which is good bc he will have to for the Ironman) He was so happy to see us. Here is a picture to prove it: (P.S. My husband is smokin' hot)

One Pedal Moncrief's broken cleat:

Ms. Hollywood aka Sister J or Jessica whichever you prefer & Ada. (Becca and I always talk about how put together Jess always looks)
My Becca as in Boo with Ada-Love
Becca and Jessica: Thank you SO very much for helping me find Jimmy! You girls are awesome! I am pretty sure One Pedal Moncrief felt like a champ with four pretty ladies waiting for him at the finish!

This is where the my apologies to Ada come in. So we go home, let Jimmy get showered up and we all go to dinner at Blue Plate. We chat, order and then get a little scream from the once sound asleep baby. I roll her outside and the chick is wide awake, not even crying just wide eyed, wide mouthed and wired. Our strolling did not put her back to sleep so we headed back inside thinking that she would not be asleep but would just hang out. Ha! She was not a happy camper. She would smile at everyone and then whimper in misery. My Ada-luv was exhausted. It was time to go. We got our food to go and headed out. My little luv fell fast asleep in the car but not without her first ever round of sniffling. I was so close to tears. Sniffles from a baby are so said and they were completely mommy induced. Mommy wore her little girl out. Ada, Mommy is sorry.

{sidenote: if you would like Jimmy's view on the century I am sure he will have a post up on his blog soon}


Summer said...

I swear. What is in the water in Chattanooga? I've never seen so many pregnant ladies, and every other week you're at a baby shower. I'm impressed by Jimmy's century, and Ada just gets prettier!

Becca and Brent said...

awwwww....what a sweet rendition of the weekend. i still feel so bad for how sleepy she was, but what a trooper!

Amy said...

Wow what a day... sounds like Ada handled it like a pro. I guess she will have to get used to it to keep up with the fast paced Moncrief life!

Ivey Handcrafted said...

Thanks for giving something of Ivey Handcrafted's...I appreciate it as always! Seems like you have quite the champ in Ada! xoxo