Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Jimmy is always full of surprises and this year on my first Mother's Day he decided to use that presentation method once again. My suspicions arose when last weekend he needed the car to go on an errand absent of the Moncrief females. Having complete trust in our marriage :) and knowing that there was a holiday right around the corner solidified a surprise was soon to come.

Friday night I was given my tangible Mother's Day gift. I usually get a gift early because Jimmy is typically too excited to wait (which I find absolutely adorable), but this time it was bc the gift would come in handy just a little bit early. The present was an attachment to my camera which I had been requesting (brownie points). So upon going to sleep I was told that I would be using my gift, we would be outside, that he had Saturday's day completely mapped out and we needed to leave by 11. Oh and he made sure we did a test run in the Baby Bjourn. Thousands of ideas went through my mind. I concluded we were definitely going hiking but the "appointment" threw me off. A photography class? No. We must be meeting someone. But who? In route on Saturday I guessed we were meeting Brent and Becca half way. Jimmy did not even try to cover it up. He was astonished that I blew his surprise. Hehe! I was so excited to see our best friends who had recently moved to Nashville.It was our first time through Tracy City, Tn where first impressions said alot with a barbershop named Hair We Go. Who knew such beautiful scenery was hiding in the background. Foster Falls within Cumberland State Park was a great find.

While we did not cover much mileage we took our time and really enjoyed the scenic views. The "children" did very well. Fletcher turned out to be the best trail dog ever and Ada enjoyed herself so much that she feel asleep.

I think Brent is wishing he had a Puppy Bjourn for Fletcher.

Ada snoozing away
We stumbled across a group of rock climbers. We were the perfect spectators and stood in observance for an extended time captivated by the climbers abilities.

After the hike we decided to stake out an outdoor outlet that Jimmy spotted on a billboard.

Brent, what the heck? Did you get tangled in a hang glider?

Jimmy, a parachute!?! Seriously! Come on!

While the part of the billboard that labeled the store an outlet ended up being a complete fabrication we did get a tip on a great place to eat. To Shenanigans we went.

I don't think you can tell from the picture but from up close the building looked like it was literally on its last leg. The frame was completely tilted. The floor was sanded down so the crooked front door would be able to move more freely. Despite the faulty structure which did add much interest the burgers were fabulous along with the fried zucchini and sweet tea. Yes, very southern but we were after all within a stones throw of Sewanee, The University of the South.

Montikers are never the simply good-bye type but go more for lingering conversations. This lingering conversation led to ice cream and then coffee at a quaint little place called Mountain Breeze. The little shop housed Chattanooga's Clumpie's ice cream along with dog treats from Bone Appetite. If only their had been Stone Cup Coffee to cap off the Sewanee interpretation of Frazier Ave.

Thank you hun for a most wonderful Mother's Day surprise and to B&B for driving down and spending a fun filled leisurely day with us. We had a fabulous time bc you my friends are fabulous. Maybe we should add Mother's Day to our list of odd holidays to spend together.


Tammy said...

What a great day! Sounds like Jimmy is a keeper!! :)

Emily said...

So stinking sweet! Yay for Jimmy planning such a fun mommy day! :-)

And I'm so jealous of your time with Whit and Linds. Can't wait til we're all together fatty munchin'!

Miss y'all as always.

Becca and Brent said...

man you're a great writer - i want to be on that trip you described. Oh Wait! I was :) ha ha jk
I love that we should add Mother's Day as another holiday to spend together - that is hilarious.

hope to see you soon - oh wait - we are! see you in 2 days. woo hoo

Jessica said...

What a fun day!! Michael is just like Jimmy when it comes to surprises! Too excited to wait and tell early! I've learned that when it is close to a holiday and he's got a goofy grin like he so wants to fill me in on the little jewel of a surprise he has, just to ignore it like I have no idea what's going on. Doesn't ruin the surprise and he thinks he kept it a secret =)

Brittany said...

Jess, is that how you found out about the camera?

Jessica said...

Ha, no. I asked for it =)

Michael said...

Asked for it. It was more like "This is what you are getting me for Mother's day."

Brittany said...

good to know the truth Michael. good to know. Jimmy said he got the full scoop on how Jessica "mentioned in passing" that she wanted the camera. We girls just liked to help our hubbies out every once in a while!