Friday, May 9, 2008

reunions: friends and first loves

Lindsay and I have been friends since sixth grade so we have known each other for over fifteen years now. We have had many times of separation starting in seventh grade when we no longer went to the same school. We chose different colleges in different states and now live on different continents. Lindsay joked that she had plenty of stories to tell Ada on her mommy when she was old enough. Oh my is all I can say. Though miles apart and months may fly by we always manage to pick up where we left off. We will always be friends. It was wonderful to see you this week. I am so glad you got to meet Ada. She adored you!
My theory has always been that enduring couples must look alike. I believe these two pass the test: similar hair color, same eyes, same chubby cheeks and the cutest feature of all those ears! Since their latest encounter Ada has taken on addition Reed characteristics. She now chews on her tongue, fake coughs and lets loose at the table. We love Reed! He is the best ever source of entertainment. Lindsay and Whit are one of the most perfect couples I know. They are like chocolate and peanut butter. Incredible independently but even better together. They are renowned travelers, good friends and superb writers. If you have not done so already you must check out their blog. It will leave your mouth watering for kimchi, belly hurting from laughter and ready to purchase a plane ticket to join them on their adventure (Seriously. Despite my cheesy verbiage, which is largely due to my inability to write, it truly is intriguing) . Love you guys!


Jimmy said...

I love the chocolate and peanut butter analogy!

Amy said...

I too love the analogy, Brittany! So glad you got to spend time with your friend!

Lindsay said...

awww, thanks Brittany!!! We just love you and and Jimmy and Ada. So it was so nice to see you guys and catch up!!!!
I owe you a thank-you e-mail too for the funny E-card but have been busy trying to get back into the swing of things over here.
We are holding you guys to your visit over here and can't wait!!

Lindsay said...

PS...we love the chocolate and peanut butter analogy too!!! I think its perfect.