Monday, July 28, 2008

chugga chugga crust crust

Last weekend we had the tremendous pleasure of having Brent and Becca with us the entire weekend. The Montikers better half showed up around 9pm eastern time on Friday night. Ada was nestled in her little bed while all the "adults" stayed up laughing into complete delirium and eating virtually raw brownies. Everyone slept in on Saturday which was extremely nice. Ada and I slept til eleven. E-L-E-V-E-N. It was magnificent.

After the adults woke up from their grog and Ada from her nap we decided to go for a linner-lunch-dinner around 3:30. We really appreciated our house guests on so many different levels, but in two areas in particular. Oh, let's make that three areas. One. They never have to be "entertained". Two. If they want something they get it even if it means cooking for themselves or all of us for that matter. (should I be embarassed about that one? Oh, it is Becca-Dean we are talking about and my husband does request her fabulosso grilled cheese whenever we are in the same proximity of a kitchen) Three. They never make fun of our crazy cost saving-environmentally friendly antics. Number three pertains to our method of transit to lunch-dinner. We all road our bikes to a new pizza place, Crust, a restaurant indigenous to the area.

While riding bikes may sound like nothing out of the ordinary, I must explain. Except for Jimmy, everyone had a first time experience. Becca who is almost a complete foot taller than myself was riding my mountain bike sized to fit someone one foot shorter than herself. Brent was trailering a baby . Ada was being trailered and I was riding a road bike for the first time without the trainer (device that makes the bike stationary for indoor use). Collectively, again minus Jimmy, it was also the first time all had ridden on a five lane major road. Nope, no back roads this time. We were "cars", just without all the nasty emissions.

"They" always say safety in numbers and I sure felt it. Jimmy was Papa Hawk, soaring around us in protection as our little convoy pedaled down the road and Brent did an awesome job pulling Ada while Becca and I brought up the back. Heckling was kept to a minimum with only one environmentally/safety-innept idiot yelling "Quit hogging the lane".
The crew sitting at a table filled with mug-shots of celebrities. Anyone from Nicole Ritchie to PeeWee Herman was plastered under our beverages.

Ada had another new experience with her first time to sit in a highchair (in barbershop style, of course). I don't know if she was more intrigued with the sitting experience or the big screen t.v.
On our way out the door, we were impressed to see a Crust employee cutting fresh herbs from the large herb garden nestled in front of the restaurant. The strong scent of rosemary and basil was a nice twist to the normal smell that accompanies a fairly busy road.

The highlight of Sunday was going to see sweet little Miss Emma. It was B & B's first time to meet the seven pounds of cuteness. More on this fun little outing shortly which will also explain while I have been just a little bit behind on just about everything, but I know we all know how that can be.

Look how Emma just cuddled right up. A little cuddle bug just like her buddy Ada.
Thanks B&B, thanks for coming to see us this last weekend. We had an incredible time, as always!

And we did a little craft project too! More on that later, also!


Amy said...

Good times with Brent and Becca! We've got to try Crust soon!

Becca and Brent said...

YAY!! I love the post. We had SUCH a fabulously relaxing time at the Moncriefs. I LOVED our excursion to Crust and since then have been looking for every opportunity to ride our bikes to a restaurant. Unfortunately, most of our restaurants require taking a 6 lane interstate :(
Good times! I must say that when I woke up on Monday morning, I missed my wake-up Ada time. (I did a little "rise and shine and give god the glory glory" to myself...haha)
Thank you again for having us. We WILL do it again VERY VERY SOON!!!!

Whit and Lindsay said...

Sounds like such a great weekend!
Good friends are such a blessing!

Was the said road bike in this post the same old road bike I gave you?!? I love it! How was the old bike?!?

Becca and Brent said...

and in reviewing this post again, i just want to clarify that while my facial expression says otherwise, i THOROUGHLY enjoyed holding baby emma!

Brittany said...

Yep, yep, that is your good ole' road bike that I referred to. I was going to wait and do a "grand" unveiling of said bike once I learn how to clip in. I only have on the trainer bc a. it has some intense clips on it b. i am fairly terrified falling over even though I hear it is inevitable. I thank you again for her. Hopefully I will continue to put her to good use.

Becca-you just look deep in thought probably about how cuddly cute Emma is :)