Wednesday, July 9, 2008

weekend adventures

Lula Lake Land Trust decided to open its doors to the public every Saturday in July. This Saturday morning we decided to take advantage. Jimmy and I had not been there since our first semester together in college. It was the location of our first hiking and camping experience together. The difference is this time we waited for Lula Lake's open invitation. Oh yeah, and this time we had a baby. Ha!

To add to the differentiating experience we went with our buddies Whitney and Tim. We had a great time with many of the days adventures guided by our good "friend" Kenny. The real navigation came from Whit with her built in gps system, while Ada narrated the happenings.

One of the silly shots that I took concluding that it would have turned out much better if everyone would have been wearing Tevas or Chacos AND most importantly had pretty feet like Whitney. Sorry guys, the fur just doesn't do it.

This picture makes me hope that Ada will end up with her daddy's complexion and not mine. Here's for hoping, right?

The Baby Bjorn must be quit comfy since Ada took a snooze in it again.

Saturday night Ada had daddy time while I went biking the Riverwalk with Jennifer, Preston, Peyton Carli, Mimi and Preston's friend Justin. While I did not take any pictures of humans I did capture a shot of our new friends we met a long the way. We actually saw 8-10 of these furry friends along our ride. I am just glad we did not have a run in with the snake that had decided to stretch across the path last time we were out riding.

This Sunday marked a milestone that will infinitely change our church with a child experience. Ada went to the nursery. Dun. Dun. Dah. She was "branded" with a number four ankle bracelet.

While I still was unable to concentrate in the service worrying about the little bambino's new experience, I now know that she and the nursery attendants will be just fine. Becky and Darian took wonderful care of Ada and even gave her an A++. Ada, guess where you are going back next Sunday? I did manage to deviate my worried focus from Ada for a few moments while Rich and Heather were dedicating Baby Alana. Rich and Heather are wonderful parents and are very inspirational in the way they have been raising Alana. What a special moment and Alana was as adorable as always. She even grabbed the mic at one point and sang us a little coo-ditty.

After church and the excellent nursery report we headed to Granny's for lunch with Papa Campbell and Mimi. Granny and Ada were apparently checking out the "other" camera while playing pat-a-cake.

Family portrait on Granny's front porch.


Brad & Shana said...

Looks like a fun filled weekend! Glad Ada's nursery experience went well, that always takes a load off....if you need it, its there.

Amy said...

Hey! Looks like you had a great time on your hike! It is so pretty up there! I am the same as you when it comes to the nursery. I can't pay attention anyway, for worrying about her!