Wednesday, July 23, 2008

wordless wednesday

{sidenote: The August issue of Outside Magazine boasted Chattanooga, TN as the no. 2 of 20 best towns in America. Ada is already becoming an outside junkie like her daddy.}


Brad & Shana said...

Too cute.

Brad used to get a subscription to Outside. He loved it.

Cool that Chattanooga is #2.....I must say, I agree (even though I live in Rocky Face.....close enough).

We had a profesional photographer take some beach pictures. You can see them for the next day or so at

I'm going to get a CD and have my prints done at Luck Labs in Cleveland (they are who my photographer uses....and they have great prices and great quality). If you ever want a picture that you have taken enlarged & printed professionally, I'd recommend them.

Summer said...

I don't doubt Chattanooga's spot on the list of places to live. I think it's such a wonderful city! It's still on our list of places we'd like to live, although life keeps getting in the way.

Brittany said...

Sum, I failed to mention, Columbia made the cut also at # 10. You also live in an incredible area, however you are welcome in Chattanooga anytime.