Monday, July 14, 2008

one road trip: three generations

This week we had the pleasure of having my Aunt Joan (aka Aunt Mue Mue or Grandee), Cousin Marcy and her son Brooks in town to visit. It was the first time for the Three Moncriefs to meet Mr. Brooks, the 24 pounds of cuteness. We had such a good time and are so thankful for their road trip down to Chattanooga.

Here is the cutie himself. Brooks is a month shy of his first birthday. He is all over the place, full of energy and lots of entertainment.

The second cousins played well together.

During dinner Aunt Jennifer gave Ada her first taste of watermelon. Ada enjoyed every moment. She of course did not actually eat the melon, but I believe she enjoyed the cold on her gums. We recently felt an uprooting tooth.

Daddy wanted in on the first fruit action too with some cantaloupe. Ada has been enjoying her vegetables, but up until this point had not been enjoying fruit. The typical face she had been making with fruit, would have made you think she had just been given lemons, when it was really just apples or pears.

The next day of the visit Mimi, her twin sister Meu Meu/Grandee, Marcy and Brooks went to Granny's house while Ada finished up her nap. That was so incredibly sweet of you all to go by and say hello to Granny for a bit. She loved each moment and found Brooks ability to fly around her house tremendously entertaining. After Ada's nap and a bit to eat for Brooks we headed downtown to Chattanooga's North Shore.

Wanting to stay close to The Coolidge Park Carousel, we decided on the Mud Pie for lunch. This was after reassuring my mom (Mimi) that it was under new ownership. Mimi had not stepped foot inside the restaurant in 18 years. At that time she and her fellow naval officers had gone into Mud Pie in uniform and were refused service due to being in the military. Can you imagine?

For multiple reasons I am thankful things had changed. On that particular day, it was because of the delicious food we soon devoured. Marcy had a veggie wrap, the twins quesadillas and I a veggie sandwich. Yum. Yum Yum. Mine had fresh slices of avocado and I chose sweet potato fries as my side. Brooks borrowed some pears from Ada as an afternoon snack. Ada had carrots brought from home, which she fell asleep while eating. I found extremely funny bc Mimi had just been telling me that none of us girls ever took naps when we were little and would fall asleep everyday while she was feeding us in our high chairs. While Ada does nap, we were interfering with her second nap of the day and she planned on taking it whether we were at home or not. (I am pretty sure Marcy got a picture so I am hoping to get that from her soon)

In route to the carousel. . .

One of Chattanooga's finest features for children of all ages is Coolidge Park. Planted in the center is the most wonderful carousel. At only $1.00 per ride and free for children two and under we spent several Abraham Lincoln's (the paper kind) in childhood merriment.

Are they in awe or exhausted? Probably a little of each.

Marcy and her sweet sweet Brooks.

I love this picture of Ada. Look at her arm rolls. The only time in ones life when arm rolls make you even cuter.

Brooks, Marcy, Grandee (three generations), Moi and Ada

Brooks with his Grandee. He was squealing with delight by the end.

Ada held on to the pole the entire ride around with her Mimi. That little chick is hilarious and don't worry she was sanitized upon debarkation from her new big hoofed friend.

That night we had dinner at Jennifer's where she and I split dinner responsibilities. Within my to-do was the dessert and just like last week I spilled the dessert. Luckily this time it was salvageable and its taste unaffected. Death. By. Chocolate. (not the exact recipe used, but very similar) So good and so easy, of course, I only do easy.

Ada's barbershop look received quite the harassment during all meals of the 48 hour extended family stay.

After dinner fun consisted of playing with the goats. Brooks loved the goats and kicked his legs in delight while petting Victor.

Jennifer, Suzi and I grew up going to the beach with our cousins Courtney and Marcy. Even though these guys below are second cousins I hope they will remain close forever (you too Roman). Ada (5mths), Preston (9), Peyton Carli (7) Brooks (11 mths)
It was past bedtime for two of them. Can you guess which ones?
One more, because Brooks is too cute with his legs crossed and his hand in his hair. Night-night buddy! (and Peyton you, of course, are always looking cute!)

I am so glad you guys came down to visit. We had a wonderful time. Please, come again very soon. Love you lots!


Brad & Shana said...

Looks like you had a great visit....

Missed you Saturday night & Sunday at closing!

Look forward to seeing you soon! We've got a trip to the beach this week, but I still want to plan a get together!


Jimmy said...

Awesome Pictures Honey!

Amy said...

I'm with Jimmy. These picture s are great! Looks like a fun time with family. Brooks is so cute and I love the name!

Anonymous said...

How blessed we are to have such a wonderful family...Loved having Marcy, Joan and Brooks visit.