Thursday, July 17, 2008

fifth month fifth street

Exactly one week ago our little lassie turned five months old. Yes,I am late. There were some pictures left to capture and I wanted her giggle caught on video however every time we thought videoing we had her to the point of hiccups, so scratch that for now and we will be sure to catch it soon.

Happy fifth month, Ada Love. This is the fasted five months I have ever experienced in my life. Ada, you are a blessing to be around. So much fun! We love every waking and sleepy-time moment we have with you. I can't wait for the next stages, but at the same time I want time to stand still. You are wonderful and we love you so very much. a&f!

We did not go to the doctor this month so we had to do our own measurements. Ada, you have doubled your birth weight going from 6pds 13ozs to 14 pounds. BTW, if you want to know your child's percentiles and are not headed to the doc anytime soon then you can always go here.

Bottoms Up: You roll over all the time. For the entirety of the month every time we

put you in your crib for a nap or for the night you have turned over to your tummy immediately scrunched up your legs and stuck out your tush. The first night you woke up a couple times freaked out about your new positioning, but the days following, it has not faced you. Oh and when you are not asleep you do a lot of girl style push ups.

Bottoms Down: You are working hard on sitting alone. You do well until there is a toy out of reach. You reach for it and then crash and burn. No worries! You will be there soon enough.

You have the sweetest giggle ever and we eat it up. I almost cry when I hear it because it is so very precious. Don't worry, I don't really cry. I just think about

it. You never know what will cause the giggles and ultimately almost every time the hiccups. It is usually a silly dance move or raspberries on your belly, but one truly never knows. You can daily find us doing silly things, anything, to see you laugh. We love it. It makes us feel truly comical. Babies don't give courtesy laughs, after all. You are into everything and want to touch everything. Loving your avocado and then you spotted the table arrangement out of the corner of your eye and that was way more interesting.

Feet and everything else are in your mouth at all times. If I were only that flexible again. Amazing. How weird would that be if we were like babies and put our feet in our mouth during, oh I don't know, general conversation or dinner.

Details. Details. Details. Tags are way more fun than actual toys. I remember my nephew, Preston, at this stage intrigued by a piece of lint on the floor verses a room overflowing with toys.

You are eating up your "solids". You now eat rice cereal, peas, green peas, carrots, sweet potatoes, pumpkin, avocado, pears and suck on cantaloupe and watermelon (I will puree it for you soon). You pass on butternut squash and bananas and only eat apples if we hide them. Unheard of. From what I have heard,with most kids you have to hide the veggies with Ada-whoo we have to hide the fruit. I am not complaining at all, but just think it is funny. I am wondering if it has anything to do with introducing veggies first. How about all of you mommies out there? What did/do your kids like/dislike? What did you introduce first?


Becca and Brent said...

well you know we first introduced the science diet and that didn't settle well on their stomachs. we changed over to a few other types of foods and settled on nutro natural choice and it is loaded with veggies, but no whole wheat flour as we discovered they were allergic to that.

he he he he

Brad & Shana said...

Ada is going to love going back and reading these some day. What a great 5 month milestone.......and I love your month/street picture tradition.....that is so cute.

We're having a ball at the beach, but I wish you could have snuck in my suitcase.....we need a photographer!! I keep thinking......."How would Brittany take this picture?" And then I think, I'm hopeless.

I'm looking on the internet for an actual photographer, but I'll have to convince Brad to spend the dough! If I'm able to do that I should go into sales....the oceanfront property in Arizona variety.

Ivey Handcrafted said...

Happy 5 Months Ada Luv :) I love how you are taking photos with the street signs - awesome! I miss ya and love ya!

Amy said...

Happy five months sweet girl! That is quite strange that she turns her nose up to bananas, squash, and such. Anna Kate's first food (after cereal) was carrots, and then green beans. She went on a kick for awhile where she snubbed all things green, but now she loves eating real green beans and peas, lima beans, etc. Her absolute favorite thing is cantaloupe right now! I tried to get her to eat it when she was about Ada's age (mushed up of course) and she gaged. We need to get together soon! Anna Kate misses her buddy!

Whit & Lindsay said...

Happy 5 months Ada!

Great great photos, Brittany!

Briana said...

Hi! I didn't realize you knew Heather and Rich or that you have a baby--very excellent. (p.s. Ada is a beautiful name.)

great to hear from you.


Shakespere said...

Hi. I enjoyed reading your blog. IT was interesting. Thanks.