Tuesday, July 15, 2008

have you ever. . .

. . .found a peanut butter sandwich in the pocket of some of your husband's dirty laundry and when you tell him about it he asks if you threw it away? Hun, it was in the dirty laundry. Come on.

. . .bought a pair of shoes thinking these are completely unpractical, but I must have them?

. . .laughed so hard you cried or cried so hard you finally looked in the mirror and laughed?

. . .thought what was life ever like before (this person)?

. . .unloaded the groceries that your husband just purchased to find cans of cat food and you don't have a cat and your first thoughts are A. the grocer must be out of store brand tuna and B. my husband has reached an all time low in frugal moments? Come to find out the person in front of him left the bag and he accidentally brought it home. Sigh. Relief. Thank Goodness. In addition to the feline food you did score some new batteries and you don't feel bad because you have left surprise grocery bags at the store before for fellow shoppers to take home.

. . . decided you wanted to stay at home all day long and even stay in your pajamas until thirty minutes before you husband gets home just so he doesn't know that you were in your pjs. all. day. long?

. . .felt like you had a productive day, but then looked around your house and saw soooo much to do?

. . .had to walk your computer through breathing techniques so it would complete a page load because it is such a dinosaur?


Becca and Brent said...

Hilarious!! I love the "realness" of this. I can imagine you and Jimmy in each of those scenarios and some how know that each of them are true and have happened at some point in your life.

Thanks for the chuckle.

Ashley said...

Jackson and I stayed in our jammies all day the other day and just before Chad got home I pulled his off and pulled my hair up and threw on a clean pair of shorts and a t shirt. I said oh he was about to get a bath you are just in time! I could not help but snicker as I picked up the pj we had just taken off! But it was a fun day! Would not trade it for the world!