Saturday, June 7, 2008

encore and please no encore

What better way to cap off a weekend than with a cookout at the Crowe's. Incredible food and even better fun. There was even a little June birthday surprise for Brent, Kristi and myself consisting of a birthday ditty with encore (but don't tell Kevin and Nathan) and one of the most delicious chocolate cakes I have ever tasted. Thanks for the surprise you all and for just an overall great time. You all are awesome!

UTC Girls

Silly silly boys. And to think two-thirds will have become fathers this year :)

What is wrong with this picture? (Promise. She was just acting as cupholder.)

Just a little I/J. . .Ha!

As you can see Ada did not make it to the cookout. This was the first evening Jimmy and I had ever left her. {sidenote: except for the evening I left her at two weeks of age for two hours with my mom at our house to support Jimmy for his speaking engagement}. It was honestly much more emotional than I ever expected. I had been cutting up onions, but seriously where did the tears come from? I never thought I would have been one to have such a hard time with the separation. Thankfully the UTC girls quickly got me distracted and I was able to enjoy the remainder of the evening. {Another sidenote: What/How did she eat do you ask. On Friday, she took a sippy cup without ANY qualms about it. Here is the source of success.

Apparently simultaneously changing several variables on a child with a steady routine is not a good idea. Who would have thought? Ha! So the night at my parents did not go as smoothly as the scenario that had played through my head. I got a phone call from Jennifer, who happened to be at my parent's house. The sisterly voice on the other end of the phone said, "Mom says she wants you to come home." Did that take anyone else back to high school? After returning from my flashback Jimmy and I headed out the door. Apparently a simply process at our home turned into a nightmare at the home of another. As was explained on the phone our little darling did not want to go to sleep and she was M-A-D. As soon as we walked in the door of that house on Big Ridge our sweet Ada-Love was smiles ear to ear. She was not hungry, belly aching or in need of a diaper change, but instead in need of the very very familiar face, touch and voice of two people called Mommy and Daddy. The jaws of Papa Campbell, Mimi, Aunt Jennifer, Uncle Mark, Preston and Peyton Carli just dropped. Aunt Jennifer repeatedly spoke, YOU ARE SUCH A STINKER! to our little actress. Award winning performance, babe, but please no encore.


Ivey Handcrafted said...

oh sweet Ada-Luv - that must have felt wonderful knowing she just needed you guys... :)

I commented back on your sweet comment on my blog :)

I love you sweet girl and miss you!!!!

Jessica said...

When I left Reed with Papa T for several hours while we were house hunting, I arrived back to find them playing in the floor, and Reed didn't even look up. He didn't even care! When I went and picked him up his looks was like, "Mom. Put me down. I'm playing with Papa T."

I guess it's a good thing, but it is nice when they want their Mommy!