Monday, March 10, 2008

confessions of a new mommy

OK, so Saturday morning I wake up at three for one of Ada's nightly feedings. To aid in keeping her asleep I will many times conduct the complete transaction in the dark. Apparently, in this case, I should have rethought the sweet gesture. Upon waking up at six for her early morning feeding I found the poor dear with both legs trapped in one leg hole of the sleeper. Like I have mentioned previously, Ada does not enjoy her arms swaddled, but seemingly she does not mind her legs being swaddled.

My second confession. Ada and I went to Kohl's on Sunday while Jimmy was taking a late afternoon nap. The whole Kohl's experience was an adventure in itself. All I will say is 10 minutes to close, new cashier, fussy baby and incorrect pricing on 83% of my purchase. You can make up your own conclusion to that one. Anyway, on the way home I gave Jimmy a call to see if he needed me to pick anything up. Mid-ring I hear a sound that mimics a grown man expelling gas. Ada!?! Now, my daughter can run with the big dogs in this area but even tonight she was surprising me. I close my phone and ask Ada how she feels now. She assures me she is feeling much better now so I dial Jimmy and once again I hear the highly impressive yet quite disturbing sound. My goodness, Ada! I once more close my phone and look at Ada. She has either already developed a decent poker face or the child is truly innocent. Finally I realize there is a correlation between the phone and the flatulence. Jimmy's vibrating cellphone in the glove compartment had attempted to incriminate the feminine little rose petal. The cellphone, not my child, was gassy.


Jessica said...

That is hilarious! I wish Reed had the cell phone as an excuse - he can let it go like a grown man! And he giggles about it. Thinks it's funny. We're going to have to work on this when he gets a little older!

Amy said...

Oh I am cracking up! Nice that you confess this stuff so others can have a good laugh! (Uhh, with you not at you, right?) ;o)

Brad & Shana said...

My confession:

I once took Sara Kate to church with her dress on backwards. Normally, I could blame that on Brad, but not this time......oh well, one of the 'girly-girl' moms noticed and hooked me up. In my defense, some dresses can be tricky (at least I think).

Oh well, we're bound to embarass them at some point or another!

Cute post!


Tammy said...

That is too funny! To answer your question about my blog, I was an obsessed blogger. Maybe there is a bloggers anonymous! :) Anyway, I felt like God was telling me there were some areas that I was putting before Him, so for lent, I have cut back to only blogging once a week. It is one of those times in my life, when I really need to hear God over the world. :)