Sunday, March 16, 2008

oh, what a night

And not the kind that Billy Joel had. I know, more song lyrics (an ode to Becca's previous life when she did not have conversations but just sang songs to express her thoughts and emotion). The excerpt in the title describes my Friday night or should I say Saturday morning with my precious sweetheart somewhere in the ballpark of 2 a.m.ish. As normal, I change the little darlings diaper and midstream she had a minor explosion which called for an outfit change (nothing particularly new, but I have to say, it was her fault this time). The little doll is feed and I am burping the sweet angel when Mount St. Ada decides to erupt. One of my child care books reassures that many times the quantity of the spit up is not as vast as it looks but the milkshake that I see reassures me that all of that hard work had just gone down the drain. Starting from the beginning, this time Ada in only a diaper we begin again to fill that little tummy. Mid-meal another blow out this time from the other end. Leakage from the diaper solidified that I also would be receiving a wardrobe change. Two clean sets of p.j.s for each and a full tummy later we were both back in bed. Thankfully what little that was left of the night went very smoothly. {sorry for the double post}

Another non-related picture. First, it has been an enormous blessing to receive meals for the last five weeks while adjusting to our little one. I thank each and everyone of you for taking time to take care of our family in this manner. It has been amazing. I have not had to cook once since Ada has been born. Let's just hope I remember how : ) I can't wait to extend the blessing, this year to all of our pregnant friends. This is a picture of a sweet surprise that came with one of our meals. Thank you, Jennifer. This was such a special extra. You are too cute!

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Jessica said...

Reed used to projectile spit up when he was around Ada's age. It even shot out his nose. I was terrified. The doctor assured me as long as he was gaining weight it was fine. And he sure gained weight (as it seems like little Ada is, too)! I wondered if I would ever not smell like curdled milk again! But, thank goodness, we haven't had too many more instances of it.

One thing I did that seemed to help is after he ate, I would make sure he stayed upright for about fifteen to twenty minutes to help everything settle and let gravity to the work. Something the doctor suggested. Seemed to help.

Keep the pictures coming! She is such a doll!