Wednesday, March 26, 2008

kids (both goat & human)

This is too cute not to share. As part of our local 4-H club my nephew, Preston and niece, Peyton Carli have two female goats, Kiwi and Amelia. Kiwi just had twins, Victor & Lilly while Amelia is due any day now with what is thought to be triplets. These pictures are of Victor. With Victor weighing around 8 pounds Ada weighs more. Jimmy was not thrilled with Victor's proximity in this first picture nonetheless Ada looks like she is enjoying the company. Speaking of pairs. I promise there will not be a picture of Ada and Foy from every night of small group. They were too irresistible to refrain from a photo this week. (Last week Ada must have had a guilty conscience. She is sleeping so much better this week)


Tammy said...

Now that is cute!

Amy said...

I just gotta see those little goats!

Ivey HandCrafted said...

I mean how can you not take a pic of those two beautiful babies! Two of my favorites, I might add ;)