Wednesday, March 5, 2008

pickles and ice cream

Fortunately this is not a reference to my personal pregnancy cravings (mine instead were all things Jason's Deli & Panera, also queso dip & Blue Plate's white omelets) but instead refers to the items offered at Lauren's Shower. Lauren is a buddy from work that is due March 15. She is one of SEVEN friends due between now and September. Welcome to Baby Boom 2008. If you start now it is not to late to get on board for this year. I am so glad to be apart of the boom this year with so many wonderful friends becoming first time moms. We all hope Lauren becomes a first time mom earlier rather than later. This hope is spawned by the fact that Baby Ty looks like is about to literally fall out because Lauren is carrying so low and not to mention that at 38 weeks Ty was estimated to weight over seven pounds. Lauren is not looking for a 9 or 10 pounder, so please Baby Ty...come soon!

Here is cutie Lauren prior to getting peeved at me for the excessive photos (don't worry I will not share them all) :

Yeah, that would have been me. The horrible thing is I actually envisioned hurdling ice cream across the room prior to the big kerblop:

Delicious & adorable cake compliments of Stacey:

Lauren, her sweet husband, Cecil and her extremely gifted mother:

Crystal, Kelly, Lauren and I all got the memo. What happened to the rest of you? (three of the four will be/are part of Baby Boom 2008) :

Crystal's adorable son, David who entered the building and immediately said "What's up?" and then he wanted to "pet" Ada. He is getting ready for his little bother, Daniel who is expected to arrive in June:The "pet" caught on camera. Wild women certainly needed to settle down. She is definitely the party animal. She didn't even say a peep until Lauren was holding her post party and even that wasn't with her mouth ; )

Becky, Julie, Kim and Caren (Caren, a shot for your blog...BTW..I think you should blog about all the crazy occurences at the credit union):

Whitney, Elaine & Crystal:

Ada was so wound up after Lauren's shower. With the steady drum of commotion and warm temp she slept so sound during the shower and was ready to stay up once she got home. She is holding her head up in this shot. She is very wobbly after a few minutes but we happened to capture her during complete strength....pretty impressive for 3 weeks old, I must say. Yes, that is a little tear. My baby does cry sometimes though it is rare. Talk about tearing a person up when you see your baby cry. When those tears stream, she says dance monkey dance and I start swing dancing, by myself.

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Amy said...

Wow! Look at her hold that head up! Sweet picture too. She is changing so much.