Wednesday, March 26, 2008

honorary household member

Fletcher, our favorite schnauzer friend (we love you too, Nellie), is here to visit for a week while his parents visit sunny California. We (Daisy especially) are so excited to have another four legged friend to play with. Daisy says in her perfect British accent, "Now this is the kind of friend I have been talking about (opposed to the two legged little human critter that recently arrived)". Now in defense of Fletcher's parents, Fletcher is usually well groomed and in perfect order. You see Fletcher and his wife Fiona are quit the pampered pooches. When Fletcher gets to our house he roughs it outside running around the dog track (designed and constructed by Daisy herself) laying in the dirt and barking at all creatures that come within a 100 mile radius of the fence. He and Daisy are great buds. Fletchy you are welcome any time.

This is the spot where Daisy says her hellos and good-byes as we come and go. This is Fletcher saying hello. We are terrified he is going to hang himself so we do not encourage him to do this but is it not amazing that he can jump this high? He literally looks like he has scaled the fence and is hanging on to the top. Since he has been here we have stayed far away from the "window" to the backyard. Here is a quick pic of Daisy Girl for those who have not had the opportunity to meet her


Kristin9204 said...

Daisy seems more of a charcole color than the typical Weim gray? Is she more of that darker color or is it just the picture? Either way she is beautiful. Leia is doing great and eating all her meals with no problem. She does have a long road ahead of her as far as gaining weight. She looks the same but is acting like her old self, which makes us very happy. I love Daisy's pink scarf.

Brittany said...

Yeah, Daisy is darker than the typical Weim. We got her from a Weim breeder and she is AKC registered but I question the whole thing. We never saw her parents, first timers mistake and she actually showed signs of mange shortly after we got her as a pup. The vet said that her mother should have never been breed to put a stop to this hereditary disease. We got her fixed as soon as she was old enough so she would not have any additional flair ups. We love her just the same. Oh and she wore the scarf on her first birthday. We gave her a party with invitations sent to her doggie friends, a doggie cake and even doggie party favors. We have a lot to live up to now that we have a child. What will we do for her first birthday? I am SOO happy Leia is continuing to get stronger and stronger. Keep me posted.

Amy said...

Fletcher! He is so cute... wow can he jump! He must be unleashing his wild side while away from Fiona. I love Daisy's dog track! It cracks me up so much every time we come over! Oh, and will you be in charge of arranging a get together with us 6 and Fletcher and Fiona's parents? It's been WAY to long!

Ivey HandCrafted said...

Well Nellie is a little jealous that you have love for another schnauzer....however, she is quite jealous of his skills ;) Love the picture - can't BELIEVE he can do that??? I would be a nervous wreck. And we must meet Daisy - she is beautiful! XOXO

Becca said...

from fletcher: "fank u so much for keeping me"

from fiona: "get away from my man"

from brent and becca: fletcher is a JUMPING machine - he can jump over the BACK of our couch. we're not sure why we haven't entered him into agility competitions - the dog CAN jump! i think he had an identity crisis when he was a puppy while he spent a lot of time around my mom's jack russell who jumps RIDICULOUSLY high.

thanks again for keeping our child! i'm glad he only peed on ONE dog and it wasn't daisy.