Monday, June 30, 2008

a bowl full of carrots and a friday night splash down

Days of peas without any allergic reactions has allowed us the opportunity to introduce other items to Ada's menu. Carrots and then Sweet Potatoes. I believe she enjoyed these even more than the peas. Imagine that. These orange tinted vegetables sure leave a lasting impression. From cutlery to epidermis everything is orange. Thankfully, so far, it has come out of all cotton substances. On another note, vegetables have been much easier on her little tummy than rice cereal alone.

We have found bibs don't do much and have resorted to putting a straight jacket in the form of a hand towel around Ada while she eats. It makes for less of a mess and a much easier clean up. We knew we had to do something different when the first several times a bath took the place of after dinner dessert.

A shot to show that Ada does not mind the mush or the straight jacket.

For the former lifeguards, Friday night was shark cafe.
A wonderful time at the pool with wonderful friends. Okay, so it is really hard to get six to look at the camera. This is the kiddos with their future babysitter Sara Catherine, then Ada, Anna, Jenna, Addie, and Gabe. This is such a precious group of kids. A group that you desire your own child to model after. Thanks for playing you all. We had lots of fun. Hi to Foy and Abby! We are sad we missed the two of you!

Also, Baby Boom 2008 is extending into 2009. Gabe and Addy are going to have a little bro/sis expected to arrive January 2nd. I am actually hoping he/she will arrive in December to complete the 2008 Calender :) Congrats you all! Are these two not adorable?


Brad & Shana said...

Ah, I remember those orange days. It always took a couple of days for the orange tint to wear off of Sara Kate's cheeks. Um, skin & cutlery aren't the only thing thats orange, her diapers will probably also produce an orange glow.....if you get my drift.

Looks like fun times at the pool. Isn't it fun to have "life within life" all around you. Congrats to all your buddies who are in procreate mode.


Brittany said...

I know exactly what you are speaking about. With her first carrot diaper, I wondered if any of it had been digested. It looked exactly the same when it came out as it did when it went in. I know. Too much information, but you know what I am talking about.