Saturday, June 7, 2008

shower for mr. july

This is the shower for sweet Krisi and Baby Nolan who is expected to arrive in July. This kid is going to know his name with practically everything being monogrammed from bibs to storage bins. Personalization makes everything even more fun.

To: Nolan From: Ada By: Ivey Handcrafted

These were all the preggers at Kristi's shower: Katie, Kristi's friend Gretchen, Kristi, Melissa and Krisit's friend Becky who is pregnant with double (twins). Five fabulous looking bellies. This made me think back to Ada's shower. There were five we knew were pregnant at that point. Looking back there were really seven (Katie M. and Katie S. found out shortly after). I wonder if it will be the same case with this shower. . . hmmm. . .

Always a must to get a shot of the UTC girls. The UTC girls are expanding by two in 2008 as are the guys. Becca said we should get a onesie for Ada and Emma that says UTC girl or newest UTC girl. Cute, huh? We were laughing at how far back Becca and Jess were standing from the rest as if they would get pregnant by osmosis if they stood a little too close.

Becca and Katie due with Owen in September

Jess who has been permanently positioned as the fashionista in the group, Melissa due with Emma in July (but will probably make her grand entrance a little early), Ada and Moi.
Jess, that is your thing. Fashion. Some of us are scrapbookers, some are the next Paula Dean, some love to decorate and others avid dust bunny chasers, but you are by far the queen of fashion.

I promise I feed Ada though in every shot she looks like she is about to gnaw her hands off.


Becca and Brent said...

so far my FAVORITE ivey handcrafted blanket has to be nolan's! i love the color combinations.

great times at the shower.
and to CLARIFY once again regarding Jess and I standing far away - it's not that we're literally standing far away, it's the fact that she and I are a good 8" taller than anyone else in our group. if we don't stand like that, every picture of us looks like we're the hunch back of notre dame. so :)~ to you and you short people too... ha ha

Ivey Handcrafted said...

becca - mine too :) I am in love with Nolan's is my fave :) Thanks for the shout out again Brittany! I LOVE YOU GIRL!

Amy said...

I agree... Nolan's blanket is PRECIOUS! Love the colors!
It is crazy that Becky was there... small world. Glad it is her with twins and not me!