Sunday, June 29, 2008

cardboard testimonies

With coming in contact with this subject twice this week, I thought I would share. At my sister Jennifer's church, Grace Calvary Chapel in Soddy Daisy, several people shared their cardboard testimony this past Sunday. The concept really did not come alive for me until Robin just so happened to send me this YouTube clip:

Are your eyes dry? How humbling to see the transparency that each person gave. Would I be able to stand before others, so vulnerable, sharing my cardboard testimony? What does my cardboard testimony say? I suppose I have several. There are many things that I have surrendered to and received freedom from, however there are things I hold on to. In some areas I have stamped the front of my cardboard and part of me wants to hold on while the other fights for the cardboard to be turned over so full freedom is present. What does your cardboard testimony say? Could you do what these people did?


Brad & Shana said...

Wow, Brittany that was really powerful. I'm sitting here trying to think of what mine might say right now. -- I could definitely think of several things on the "before" side, but most of them are still things I struggle with. - I suppose my flip side might say "Get to walk DAILY in Grace."

Thanks for sharing


Kristin9204 said...

That was amazing, thank you for sharing. My eyes did not stay dry for very long. It really made me think about what I would say. We live in N. California and there are lots of fires around us right now, one we did have to evacuate from. So right now I am feeling very thankful for my family and the small non-materialistic things in my life.

Kristin9204 said...

I would love to email back and forth with you, but don't want everyone to see my email. So maybe give me yours and then I will delete it or visa versa. let me know what you think.


Amy said...

This clip is fantastic. I watched it yesterday with tear welling up in my eyes the entire time. What brave people. How wonderful to see how God has worked in their lives. Thanks for sharing... this is a really neat concept.

Anonymous said...

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