Thursday, June 26, 2008

butterflies and penguins and sharks oh my!

The Bradberry's so graciously invited us along to a complimentary trip to the Tennessee Aquarium. Anna Kate showed us the ropes since it was her second time in one day.

This is a touch and feel tank that features stingray and shark.

Some of our stingray friends that we all neglected to touch. (I personally was thinking germs)

Is that an owl or a butterfly sitting on Chris' head? You can really see the butterflies self-defense mechanism in this shot. (If you decide to go the the aquarium be sure to contact Chris in regards to what kind of hair regiment he uses. Whatever it is the butterflies loved it.)

It was fairly lonely in there with the creepy Spider Crab. I don't want to meet up with that guy in my dreams, you?

Look, its Bruce! Another guy that is not part of my dreamland fantasies.

This guy, on the other hand, is welcome anytime. We love you Crush. Where is Squirt?

How does Ada measure up? At 25 inches she is the height of a Gentoo Penguin!

Checking out the creatures that are just her size.

Penguin see. Penguin do.
I don't know who these people are, but they sure are pale. That one chick should NOT be wearing a skirt. Her legs are blinding.

Thank you Chris, Amy and Anna Kate for the generous invite. A.K., Ada is happy to have had her first Tennessee Aquarium experience with you. Assuredly this is one of many visits. Maybe even a little season pass action next year!?!

The Moncriefs took a mini stroll downtown after our aquarium tour. I love our city.

The Market St Bridge that re-opened last year after an extensive renovation.

Pathway to the sightly Hunter Art Museum.


Amy said...

Had a wonderful time! Season passes are a must next year!

Becca and Brent said...

I love it! I especially love the new aerodynamic-looking stroller that Ada is sporting. You Moncriefs are so stylish.

My favorite picture is of Ada by the penguin scale, "Ah geeeez Mom, really? You're comparing me to the PENGUINS?!" She's too cute.

To fully round out Ada's animal experience, we should take a trip to the Nashville Zoo the next time you guys are in town. I could strap Fiona up in a "Puppy Bijourn" and pretend she's my "daughter."
On a side note: we DID find a dog bijourn like thing at the flea market. Gotta love flea markets! HA HA

Love it.

Kristin9204 said...

Looks like you had a great time. Check out what my Weim's did!!!