Friday, June 13, 2008

four months old and a week of firsts

Happy four months sweet Ada girl!

Monday: We started out the week with Ada's four month doctor's appointment. She was in love with the paper on the doctor's table that would rustle and crinkle as she rolled around. We had shots once again but it was much better than the time described here. There were tears shed at the doctor's office but quickly fled and did not return like last time. The red cherry tomato faced mute did not show its face. It was all in the Ivey Handcrafted blanket.

Babies can have some goofy looking hair when it is first growing in and deciding what to do. For instance, my friend Melissa said at one point hers looked like Friar Tuck. While Ada has hair on top, just not alot, the majority of her hair is in the very back where so far it has decided not to ever fall out. It is her itty bitty baby mullet and like I have been saying if you look cute with a mullet then you are cute. My Ada bug, you are darling. Mullet or no mullet :)

Tuesday: We started Rice Cereal. Ada did very well with this new form of eating.

This is Ada's first blogged video. The debut features her first encounter with "solids". (I am sure some techno genius could tell me how to rotate the video. Any feedback is much appreciated)

Wednesday will remain wordless.

Thursday: We went back to the pool and this time we did not play around. No more pee pool for us. Ticklish Turtle came to play and Ada was so mellow that she ended up falling asleep! Can you tell we did not want her to get burnt?

Friday: Ada moved from bassinet to crib. The transition started with daytime naps. With those going smoothly we went ahead with a full night. The first night, she proved she was ready. Originally placed with her head facing the north end of the crib and by morning her head was facing the south end of the crib. With her hands always above her head she has since been found in a different position whether perpendicular from the starting point or a 180 degree turn.

Milestones: Chattering up a storm (with hand gestures), rolling over, "swimming" on the floor, trying hard to sit up, big smiles and giggles, lots of interaction with others, grabbing for anything including our dinner earrings and hair, focusing on small items such as lint on the floor or tags on a toy.


Amy said...

Happy 4 months sweet girl! Way to go on the cereal, rolling over, and sleeping in your big girl crib! Anna Kate can't wait to go swimming with you... maybe one day our nap schedules will work out. I really enjoyed our "conversation" on Friday night! I especially like the part when you squished the bug! We love ya bunches!
Beautiful WW.

Brad & Shana said...

What a fun little week in recap.

Those are some big girl milestones your breezing by......


Summer said...

What a Sweetie! And I love experiencing the cereal session with you and Jimmy. My favorite part is how you tell him at the end that next time you'll have to switch spoons. :)

Lisa said...

She is adorable! And that is the best home video ever! I loved it so much I watched it twice! The spoon thing at the end and Jimmy saying "Are you serious?!?" is just so funny! You guys are great!

Becca and Brent said...

wow time is flying!
I love all the things on the post, but my favorite thing EVER is the very first picture with Jimmy holding her up by the E 4th Street sign. The expression on her face is priceless. She's such a stinker!!!

Miss you guys...

Ivey Handcrafted said...

okay ....that video was hilarious - I think my fave part was Jimmy tasting it then you tell him you need to get a new spoon...PRICELESS!!! I just saw that a few others said the same thing...great minds think alike :)

thanks for the ivey handcrafted shout out btw ;)

Jenny said...

Wow, I can't believe how much she's grown! She's such a little angel will be walking and talking up a storm before you know it!