Friday, June 6, 2008

splishing and a little bit of splashing

We recently joined a community pool. A pool that has my mind full of memories that date back to middle school where I almost daily joined the Nash family each summer in a fun filled day at the pool. As I have mentioned to others before, it is surreal to be on this end of the spectrum taking our little one to the pool.
Jimmy goes to train for his Ironman and Ada and I go to watch and play. Obviously he did not get much training in this session :)

I love Ada's little bathing suit. It is an item that Jimmy and I bought before her arrival.

Jennifer and Chris with sweet little five week old Tucker.

Tucker and Ada thought they would start out in the baby pool since it is always a little warmer. Ada has a so far so good look on her face while little Tucker looks like he definitely does not know what he is in for.

Different first impressions end with the same expression of discontent.


Jessica said...

Ahh, Stuart Heights! Good ole' pee pool you've got them in, huh?

Amy said...

Awww... crying huh? Hopefully she will grow to love the water!

Brad & Shana said...

Must say, Ada looks fabulous in her cute suit!! So, she's not a fan of the water? Oh well, she'll look darling on the sidelines in the shade, while daddy splashes it up....

I'm sure in the future, you'll have lots and lots of memories there. My two love the water....

Whit & Lindsay said...

Awww, Stuart Heights.
What memories!!!

But seriously, get her out of the pee pool. :)

Looks like Ada needs some swim lessons from Reed this summer. We gotta get Jessica to join.

Becca and Brent said...

i think you should put up a poll to see how many people either grew up going to stuart heights or had at least 1-2 summers spent at that point. i think it might be legendary in chattanooga - now ada gets to join in the fun!
do they still have the high dive?