Saturday, June 14, 2008

five more kilometers and two tubin' babies

This is team Nash, my adopted family, getting ready for the start of the Riverbend Run. Jessica and I look like we fit right in with the big dogs as if we are doing the 10k right along with them. Ha! The 5k was perfect for me, at this point, but who knows what the future may bring. Lindsay and Whit, you guys were missed very much. I truly felt a void on Saturday without you guys there. Let's just say that Jessica and I stood in for you two to represent.

{sidenote: Is this not the cutest thing you have ever seen? I don't even know him, but I just love him! Bless his little heart, he even has his race number upside down. You know when he pinned it on he looked down and it look perfect to him. Precious. Precious. Precious.}
The kiddos did great and even gave each other a low five of congratulations upon completion.

To ready for another adventure Ada borrowed Reed's sunglasses.

The wee ones were doing so well out on the water we decided to let them try it out on their own. Ha!

Not that she had a choice, due to the size of both her and the life jacket, but Ada gnawed on the jacket the entire time.

I am telling you. Persistently. Chewed. And apparently it was quite pacifying because she fell asleep in the middle of the act, sitting up.

"A Little Story"

staring Mr. Reed and Miss Ada

Reed said: See Ada, I told you there was nothing to worry about. I am the expert on all things water. Now let me show you something else I know a lot about. . .

. . .gnawing on hands. It is way better than that life jacket stuff you were into earlier.
Ada: Reed, that is your father. How could you?

Reed: Ada, Ada, Ada. Tisk. Tisk. You see. . . Ada: Mom-mee?

Ada: Okay, Reed, you are right. It didn't hurt one bit. Now my turn. Hmm, this is way better than synthetic fibers. Reed: Yeah Yeah, and while we are at it let me show you how to give big kisses.

The End.

Click here to see Reed's version.

Ada: Thank you, Reed, for such a fun filled day!


Whit & Lindsay said...

How fun!!! Thanks to you and Jessica for standing in for us in the race.
Sorry we missed the fun weekend!

Emily said...

This is my new favorite story! I LOVE it. Y'all are so cute.

Ivey Handcrafted said...

you are too funny to write a little story with them. You are such a great blogger :) Congrats on the race! xoxo

Ashley said...

Too cute! Tell Jimmy to get his shot gun ready! The boys are going to be swarming!!!

Brad & Shana said...

Such a darling little story......

Have you heard about Blurb? Tammy Hildebrand was telling me about it. Apparently it is a sight where you can make your own books or something.....

Tammy, Chime in for us, and give us the details.....

Miss Ada is a perfect subject to write a book/story about.

That was so cute.. Looks like ya'll had a great time.


Jessica said...

Blurb is awesome. It can "slurp" your blog site and pull off the content and go ahead and place in it a book. Then you just go through and rearrange stuff as you please. I can't wait to make a book for Reed! I think I'm going to do one when he's a year old. Fun, fun!

Reed will take care of all those boys. He told me Ada was all his!

allie said...

That was such a precious story, Brittany! You are such a good storyteller! :)