Wednesday, April 9, 2008

two months old & more kids (both varieties)

Today Ada is two months old. I have been trying to catch a yawn since birth. So cute! To designate Ada's two month mark I used a portion of my race number from our first 5k.
Monday was Ada's 2 month Pediatrician appointment. The Stats are in and I now have a Sam. {sidenote: Megan's son Sam was born Memorial Day 2007 and was 10 pounds 5 ounces at birth!} Ada weighs 10 pds 8 ozs (50th percentile). She remained at 21.5 inches in height (25th percentile). I found the measurements a bit odd but the doctor reassured me that many times babies will plump out at first instead of up. Which is completely fine with me. I am loving her little chubby cheeks. So after the doctor and nurse wined and dined us they then did the unspeakable. Not one but three shots in the thigh. Talk about fighting back the tears, myself that is. There was no holding back for Miss Ada. She did the open mouth-nothing coming out-I look like a cherry tomato head-cry. I had never seen her cry so hard in her 2 months of life. Okay, maybe the moment she was born. Anyway, I did not speak nor breath during the administration of the small swords. I wanted to do as much as I could to not be associated with such a terrible deed. It should be illegal to inflict that kind of pain on someone so small. I immediately transformed into a milking stall to quickly sooth the convalescent child. (Too bad we are not equipt with the ability to make chocolate because that always makes everything better:)

After the doctor's visit we did a quick trip to my sister's house to get both mine and Ada's mind off the morning ouch session. Here is Gabriel feeding Victor, like a pro. How cute is Adalie! I love her laid back stance in feeding Lilly! Jenna loved the baby goats but decided that she preferred just to watch. Watch out Jenna! I think Lilly is about to nibble on your cute little face. Bye, baby goats! We will see you soon. We have many more little friends that want to come to meet you soon.


The Wild World of Richmond said...

Girl, you won't believe this, but here's a chocolate milk story for you that is true- straight from my clients. I worked with Babies Can't Wait for the last 5 years. It is the GA early intervention program for special needs children birth to age three. I would go into the homes to visit with the mom's and see how things were going with their therapies,medical appts. etc. I had a mom that seriously(a lot of these people were from low socio-economic areas-so you need to understand who we're dealing with) would eat a chocolate bar so that her baby would have chocolate milk. She wasn't kidding...she believed that it made her have chocolate milk. She believed that her milk came out a more tan, darker chocolatey color when she ate it. It took everything we had to get out of the door of that home without busting out laughing. I'm not kidding-she TRULY believed this. Your story made me laugh just thinking about it. Maybe you should eat those cookies your husband had-Ada would love chocolate milk...LOL.

Amy said...

Happy two months Ada! Time flies... Love the cute pictures. I still can't get over her in the bumbo. I gotta see those goats Brittany! They are too precious! See you in about 45 mins!