Wednesday, April 9, 2008

our first 5k

Ada and I did our first 5k this past Sunday, April 6th. Jimmy got a little over exited about the whole event thinking that one race would have me hook line and sinker. My goal was simply not to get trampled and attempt anything but last place. While Jimmy's goal for us deteriorated before the race even began I feel my goal was exceeded. Ada and I finished (in one piece) at a leisurely pace of 5 minutes shy of an hour and we were fifth from last. Ha!

Here we are pre-race. I love how Jimmy made sure the race t-shirt made it into the shot by placing it on a random vehicle. Ada looks pumped, doesn't she? Here we are with Jon, Robin & Jenna Moss who are great friends from church. All but Jimmy did the race. He instead was the back up timer for the back up timer. You can see his account of the day here where he names himself "The Critical Volunteer". {sidenote: Ada looks like she is sun bathing!}Jenna with her to die for eyelashes. I ask her all the time if I can borrow them. So far she has been reluctant.
I think Jenna has more hair in her eyelashes than Ada has on her entire head. Who am I kidding with I think? I know. Bald and beautiful. I love it!
Robin, Jennifer and I post race. Jennifer and her husband Chris also go to church with us. The 5k was to benefit Jennifer's place of employment, The Speech and Hearing Center. In the pic I am saying rub the belly. Jennifer is due later this month with little Tucker. We are so excited! Thanks, Jen, for the invite to the race. This is Molly. Jennifer's friend Shawndra's daughter. Love her shades. Ada and I walked with Molly and her mom for most of the race.


Brad & Shana said...

Way to go....

I've been thinking (only thinking) about trying to start running. Or, at least, getting back into exercising.

Good job!

Tamara Chastain said...

Awesome job!

I do have big dreams of becoming a runner. Unfortunately they are just dreams.

Brittany said...

I need to clear up the misconception. There was no running on my part. I strictly walked. Ada may have run through some milk in her dreams during her race nap but that would be the extent of it...hehe! :)

Tammy said...

I am impressed that you finished, even if you had crawled to the finish line! :)

Summer said...

Ada will be able to say she did her first 5k at 2 months old! That's something to be proud of.