Monday, April 28, 2008

sunday siestas and furry friends

Nothing like a nap with a sleeping baby. Ada and I took the best nap ever on Sunday. It is a rarity that she will stay asleep in my arms for more than twenty minutes and I have now had the privilege twice this weekend. I could get use to this.
We have had a furry friend in our side yard for the past two days. Our little furry friend has stuck around despite a barking dog, slamming car doors, flashing cameras and talking people. I think we may have a new pet. We will gladly except. I even went so far as to google "how to domesticate a wild rabbit". Not much help was provided, but hopefully our furry friend will stay.
Random side note: Tonight while cooking breakfast for dinner, a Moncrief favorite, I set off the smoke detector. I hate that thing. Loud is an understatement. I was holding Ada and as the sound blared my little cheery giggly girl turned into a cherry tomato head wide mouthed mute. I had a flashback to her one month shots. Her exact actions were duplicated. I felt horrible and still do. Her newborn ears had never heard such a thing. I did not think I was ever going to calm her down. That is an event not to be repeated.


Amy said...

Hey! Love the nap pic! Cute new pet! Your "cherry tomato head wide mouthed mute" description of Ada has me cracking up because it is so true! I HATE when they get like that! It is so sad!

Summer said...

I love the photos. And we have so many bunnies here that I googled them to discover that there are literally millions in this state. Usually a couple of times a week, I'll "release the hounds" in the backyard, only to scream like a fishwife when they try to chase the rabbits. Sometimes they stay so still that the dogs don't even notice them. I think they are so sweet!

Brittany said...

Yes, I had the same experience with our hound until yesterday. I went out to feed Daisy and for the first time she saw the bunny and was more interested in fresh food than the grub I brought out. Poor bunny. I hope it didn't have a heart attack like my childhood pet rabbit.