Sunday, April 6, 2008

a ditty from halabaji & a trail run too

Last weekend we went to the Outdoor Expo with Ada's paternal Grandparents, Halabaji and Halmoni. {sidenote: Jimmy's stepmom, Inn, is Korean so she and Jimmy's dad are using the Korean counterpart for their titles as Grandparents. This is until, of course, Ada finds her own rendition of the words} While the expo was nothing to get too excited about we did go to Stone Cup afterward for a fine cup of coffee. Decaf for me. Even absent of Ada I can rarely handle Stone Cup's caffeinated. It keeps me up for days. Certainly, not for the faint of heart. While Inn, Jimmy and I spoke of current events Ada received a little ditty from her grandfather. We never could figure out what he was singing, but Ada sure did enjoy it, whatever it was. We would look over and chuckle at a sweet relationship beginning to blossom.On another note, Jimmy did his first trail run last week. Not that I could manage a 10-miler anyway, but certainly not in last weekend's conditions. It rained several days preceding the race and the trail was a complete mud pit the day of. I am so proud of Jimmy. He did a great job and managed a battle wound only the size of a half dollar. No biggie! I am glad he brought home such a "sweet" souvenir from the event since the women in his life decided to stay inside and not brave the excessive weather.

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Amy said...

Way to go Jimmy! Nice souvenir from the run! Ouch!