Thursday, April 24, 2008

few pictures to prove it

I normally do not post on events that do not have pictures however there are several occurrences from this weekend that deserve a little spotlight despite my negligence at taking photos.

It is official the Montikers have been bifurcated. Here is the moving truck to prove it. (This is the same day as the visit with Ty so I still had not realized my camera was on manual and again thought the camera was messed up rendering very few pictures) Jimmy represented for the Moncriefs as Ada and I did little but distract all those who came to help. No really, Brent and Becca's mom both took care of Ada while Becca's sister and I did a little Merry Maid action however Becca left us little to do being the clean freak that she is.
Good-bye Whitaker house. You were home to so many good memories.
Saturday morning we left bright and fairly early to begin Ada's very first road trip. To Nashville we went to continue with the Whitaker Relocation Extravaganza. Ada was a complete trooper. We did not hear a peep from her the entire ride up ok maybe a little snoring but that is about it.

In innovative mommy mode and maybe a little bit of desperation Ada ended up in the Whitaker apartment bathtub for a mid-day nap. Cruel and unusual? None to say the least. The chick snoozed like a champ and before you call child and family services, she was nestled safely in her car seat which was placed inside the bathtub. I know it still may sound bizarre but it was the only safe and fairly quiet spot for a nap amongst two barking dogs, moving furniture and three chatty girls. She did great and who would have thought moving would be so fun? We had a great time preparing our future Nashville destination retreat. I know we will find ourselves at home in that quaint spot for many weekends to come or until a house is purchased :) Yes, to answer your question I am sad they have officially moved but on the bright side: Nashville is not that far from Chattanooga, I am so thankful the city of choice was not across the nation or world like my other crazy BFF-Lindsay, it is a great place to visit, we are going to see our friends again, living in the same town or not we will forever be vacation buddies and let us not forget both of their parents still live in Chattanooga so they will be back. Though I am possibly being a little melodramatic and I know it sounds like I am having to talk myself into acceptance I promise I am ok (or at least I will be soon, hopefully)!

Next event of the weekend was Nissa's Shower. Nissa is a sweet friend of mine from the credit union. Love this girl. She not only is wonderful but is also a fellow munchkin. I am actually taller than someone! Barely. Actually may only be 1/4 of an inch but when your my height every smidge counts. Nissa is due with Baby Foster at the end of May. We are so excited. Isn't her belly so cute? Ada sat so contently with Laura for the entire time at the shower. Laura's sister had a baby girl around the same time Ada was born and her niece now weighs 14 pounds! I got to see a picture of the little piglet and she is absolutely adorable. She really doesn't look like the little buddha baby I had pictured. The credit union girls Moi, Ada (honorary credit union girl), Nissa, Laura, Whitney, Kim, & Terri
We then stopped by Tobi's 10th anniversary celebration party. The day was very special. A time of reflection for Tobi and grandiose inspiration for everyone else. I will not do her story justice so please visit here to hear the rest. Tobi you are incredible. In so many more ways than one!Ha! Flash forward. Foy and Ada look like a little old married couple. Ada with a mu mu and Foy with his little plaid pants pulled up past his belly button. In addition to attire look at the geriatric mannerisms. Foy looks annoyed while Ada concludes talking his ear off with a smile. It looks like Ada and Alana are fighting over Foy. No worries Reed!Photography failure once again. We had dinner with Katie and Robbie and I could not flippin' believe it...Katie is pregnant and due in November. Yippee! I have been joking that I am going to make a baby calender for 2008 featuring our friends babies based on their birth month. Fertility has been so rampant that I just might really have to do it. Congratulations Katie!

For the Calender:
Mr. January-Foy
Ms. February-Ada
Mr. March-Ty
Mr. April-Tucker (to arrive any moment-due date today)
Mr. May-Baby Foster
Mr. June-Daniel
Ms. July-Emma (thank God for a girl)/Baby Strait
Ms. August-Baby Lotz
Mr/Mrs September-Baby McKenna
Mr/Mrs October-Baby Fincher
Mr/Mrs November-Baby Steen/Baby Holwerda
Mr/Mrs December-okay this one is still open or maybe one of the November babies will be late!

Lastly, Ada and I went to go see my 7 year old niece, Peyton Carli, perform in The Tale of Peter Rabbit. It was absolutely adorable and P.C. did an incredible job as Peter's mother. She even sang a solo. So proud! (Peyton Carli is the middle bunny)


Tammy said...

I can't believe you have every month of the year covered! That is amazing!!!

Ivey Handcrafted said...

WOW on the babies! Thanks for the shout out for was a really special day and I am so glad your family was part of it! Would love to see you soon - sorry I have been so busy! Maybe I can bring over your goodies you ordered later this week and visit! XOXO

Natalie said...

WOW...what a busy weekend. Ada is going to have sooo many friends...she and Foy are so cute together!

Mark said...
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Jessica said...

whoops! I just posted a comment as one of my coworkers since I was logged into his google analytics account! Ha! here's what I meant to post as me, not mark ...

That 'old couple' picture is adorable!! Looks like the front of a greeting card. I love it!! Reed was getting a little nervous though, seeing Ada with other boys! Then he found a toy in the floor and seemed to get over it pretty quick =)

Becca and Brent said...

WOW! I cannot believe how busy your weekend was last weekend. I STILL crack up that you and my sister cleaned my house as well as you did - what a FRIEND!!!! seriously. i am a tad embarrassed that you did that..

anyway, i will vouch for you that ada sleeping in our shower in her car seat was THE best and safest place for her for the day! she was a little angel. if it was dangerous, she wouldn't have fallen asleep, right???

miss you guys but so glad to know that the communication skills have picked up now that we're 2 hours apart.
hugs to you and thank you AGAIn for all your help!! you guys rock.

Brittany said...

Becca, thanks for the defense. Do NOT be embarrassed. You know you have done it for me.