Friday, April 18, 2008

coolidge park

Wednesday's weather was begging us to go outside so we met up with Amy and Anna Kate at Chattanooga's Coolidge Park. Our bellies full from lunch at Stone Cup and legs weary from a stroll around the park left us looking for a quiet place for the girls to play.Anna Kate is helping Ada sit up.No Worries, Ada! Just a little eye exam from Anna Kate.Eyes checked out great and now for the ears.
"Oops, I tooted"-Ada "Oh, Ada, you are so funny" -Anna Kate Anyone who knows me is aware of my intense hatred of birds. Here is one of many that was getting a little too close for comfort. We can't wait until it gets warm enough to get the girls in their bathing suits so they can get in the park's fountain. Isn't she cute?


Amy said...

Dear Jimmy,
We would like to sincerely apologize for our daughter gouging your daughter's eye out. I know that you were mad about that if you were mad about a goat getting a little too close to Ada a few weeks ago. Hope our friendship can remain intact.

Chris and Amy Bradberry:)

:) We always love our Coolidge adventures with Ada and Brittany! Can't wait to go again soon!

Rich Smith Photography said...

hey girl...heather here! it was so good to see you and Ava yesterday. you are beautiful and ada is so incredibly precious! hope to see you again soon; have a fabulous monday :)

Brittany said...

Mad? Ha! You know how frugal Jimmy is. He was thankful for the free check up!

Brad & Shana said...

Hey Brittany~

I've checked with Tammy & is Tues, May 6th?

It was a little too hectic this week, since we're all trying to get ready to go Thursday morning. But, we are looking forward to it.

Let us know if that date is okay....If not, we'll reschedule. And, I'm assuming we'd meet for lunch (maybe early since Tamara will have to get the kiddos). How does all that sound?

I've enjoyed all the pictures of your last couple of posts.


Natalie said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog. mom and sister...nephew and niece live in chattanooga. My mom moved a year ago and my sister has lived there about 9 years. Ohh YES...Tony's Pasta. I love that place...I'll have to check out Blue Plate when i visit in a few weeks. My family has been there. I forgot how I found your blog...but I see you are friends, with Shannon (Foy's mom). Shannon sold my mom her house in Shepherd Hills. She's soo nice. She helped my mom find the home she loves! I love seeing your photos of Ada around town...she is so cute!