Wednesday, April 23, 2008

ada-luv and ty-baby

Ada and I went to visit Lauren and Ty last Friday. Ty has gotten so big and has far surpassed Ada in weight though Ada is three weeks older. Little Ty has the most hilarious cry. I am sure it is not funny to Lauren at what-ever o'clock in the morning. Lauren describes it as zero to sixty. She did not mention in how many seconds and I wasn't counting but if I were to guess I would say about 2.5 seconds. Ada has a slow escalating cry and Ty-baby goes full throttle. At one point during the visit the two were both going at it in unison. It was definitely the least melodious song I have every heard. Here is a pic of the two together. My camera was on manual and I did not realize it. I actually thought it was messed up. While it is fine this is the only salvageable picture I took. Maybe I will just claim I was going for the vintage look! Ty-baby you are so cute. I am so glad we got to stop by and say hello!

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