Monday, April 7, 2008

i say good-bye & you say hello

Our best friends of eight years are moving away. Thankfully to a land not so far away, Nashville, TN and a city within the state that Jimmy and I both enjoy. For if Brent and Becca were moving to Memphis, the armpit of the south, we would probably have to cut our ties with our long time friends (I can't get away with that comment bc Jimmy is from there). We will miss our spontaneous weekday dinners at all things Mexican but I am assured that we will still see each other frequently!

Becca is one of those girls I have known "of" for years and years but it was not until we had Marketing classes together at UTC that we really bonded. However our friendship as a couple almost did not make it past a first round of monopoly. The boys were able to move past their competitive nature and we moved on to new games. Remember Scategories at your parents house? Bush as in George and then came Becca as in Boo. My Boo. We have gone on oh so many fabulous cruises together....Eastern Caribbean, Hawaii, Southern Caribbean, Mexican Riveria which formulated too many memories to fathom and even attempt to compile in a single blog post.

Several trips to the Ocoee (The Slowski's, a hematoma, and the campsite that made us want to get a tetanus oh and to forget guys with large sticks, our favorite campsite neighbor and night vision video effects around the fire). Not to mention times in Tunica and a surprise trip to Big South Fork that was thought to be a UT football game.

We have always had good-byes that drifted into hour and a half conversations in parking lots, apartment stairs and too many driveways! The girls have had scrapbooking and the guys business talk that last until the wee hours of the morning. Too many movies rented and never watched because the conversation always flowed without cessation. Such a strange tradition, spending Valentine's Day, the holiday of love with another couple but always so fun. Were the guys going to cook and surprise us with a game or how about chocolaty treats from the girls but either way pajama pants and t-shirts were always a must.

We love you Brent and Becca Boo. There will always be the Montikers and their will always be phenomenal vacations and don't forget Valentine's Day(Ha)! This is just a small tribute to our wonderful friends. I could devote a complete blog to our incredible friendship but since they could possibly be only four subscribers, I won't :)

A snapshot or two of fun times with fabulous friends....There are also so many memories together with the UTC crowd ...Speaking of those crazy cats last Friday night we had a little party for B&B. It was more of a bon voyage than a going away party because we know they will be back. Someday.I love how the rubber glove made it into the picture! Oh what a night! {Ada, surprisingly, slept through the entire event minus a fifteen minute appearance in which she woke, smiled, share some dance moves, winked and went back to sleep}We missed you Jess & Antonio! Speaking of Jess. I thought your name had to be Jessica to live in Nashville. I literally know four who live in that city. Based on that theory, Becca you have to stay!

P.S. Hey Marketing Girls! Leave a comment featuring your fondest memory! (yes, I used the word sister always makes fun of that)


Tammy said...

Aren't great friendships one of God's greatest blessings?! They sound like an awesome couple. Your post made me want to know them!

Ivey Handcrafted said...

What a wonderful almost made me tear up thinking of the friendship you guys have - and how sad this time in your life is. But our best friends live 3 1/2 hours away - and we still make time to stay close and see each other. XOXO

Jimmy said...

Awesome Post! We will definitely miss them.

Becca said...

oh i have SOOO many memories! i'm not sure what my favorite is but when it comes to this entire group i have memories from the first time we introduce all the "boys" to the day i will NEVER forget katie's birthday (it's september 11th by the way) but most recently these pictures remind me of how hard i laugh every time we're all together. besides my amazing husband, there are no other friends (or family for that matter) that I have as much fun as i do with this group - to laugh so hard it hurts is no complaint at all. who would have thought that 5 years ago when we all had that first marketing class (which class was that by the way???) together that we would develo into great friends?

and then of course there are the "montikers" - the crazy, querky name we created to be silly - as always. with my bestest bud in the world and her husband that should have been my brother, we always have a great time. i love that this point has come in our lives to get to move a short distance away because it reminds us how important it is to tell the people in our lives just how important they are to us.
you guys are the greatest friends brent and i could have ever asked for. i am so excited to see how our friendship continues to grow fonder as we put a little (small, slight, tiny) distance between us.
don't forget to save the date for the fall cruise!!!

Amy said...

You will be missed Brent and Becca! Come visit often. It is tough when friends move away... count you blessings that it is Nashville and not CT! :) I know that Jimmy and Brittany will be extra sad. Great post Brittany!

Anonymous said...

Brit, Bec,
What a trip down memory lane! One of my fondest memories is Brittany and Kristi sliding down the banisters and hanging from trees at Opryland hotel as Momma Becca and Momma Katie try to corral them through the lobby and forest area!! Or us totally barging in on the couple just as the guy proposed in the atrium! Tears are coming to my eyes now just thinking about it. We really took over and choreographed the rest of the proposal - you stand here, move your purse, etc, etc. And times with the boys in tow - trying our hand at poker (Becca how many cards on the river??), mexican train, catchphrase and wedding shower catchphrase, scrapbooking and faux scrapbooking (where we say we are going to scrapbook but we really just talk the whole night). The list goes on and on, and I say these things as if they will never happen again which of course we know isn't true. There will be many more funnies to add to the list and in the blink of an eye we will be looking back saying, remember 50 years ago when we met in that marketing class...
Love you guys, can't wait to expand our fun times to Nashvegas!